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Date Title
2021-08-01 Sweden: Despite Variants, No Lockdowns, No Daily Covid Deaths – AIER
2021-08-01 Berlin court bans anti-lockdown protests
2021-07-31 As lockdowns lift, media firms brace for an “attention recession”
2021-07-31 Australia Covid: Brisbane lockdown after Delta variant cases

Millions of Australians in parts of Queensland enter a snap lockdown from Saturday afternoon.

2021-07-30 Australian Troops Will Help Enforce a Coronavirus Lockdown in Sydney, July 30
2021-07-30 Virtual contact worse than no contact for over-60s in lockdown, says study
2021-07-30 Covid in Sydney: Military deployed to help enforce lockdown

Authorities say the deployment is needed, but critics argue it will "pick on" marginalised groups.

2021-07-29 Australian military to help enforce Sydney Covid-19 lockdown as cases rise
2021-07-29 Coronavirus lockdowns have worsened hunger around the world
2021-07-28 Covid: Sydney extends lockdown as other Australian cities reopen

Infections in Australia's largest city remain stubbornly high, despite five weeks of restrictions.

2021-07-26 Israel begins lockdown on 8 August 2021 for only the unvaccinated
2021-07-25 Australia Covid: Anti-lockdown protesters condemned

It comes after thousands marched through Australian cities to demand an end to lockdown measures.

2021-07-24 Facebook forced to limit misinformation spread via WhatsApp amid Sydney lockdown
2021-07-24 Australia Covid: Arrests at anti-lockdown protests

Thousands take to the streets in Sydney, with further protests in Melbourne and Brisbane.

2021-07-23 Lockdown Bait and Switch – By Matt Shapiro – Marginally Compelling
2021-07-21 Covid: Anger as half of Australians in lockdown again

Three states enforce stay-at-home orders, fuelling criticism of Australia's slow vaccination rate.

2021-07-19 Tokyo Olympics: Athletes find new ways to train in lockdown

Participants in the upcoming Games have been going to unusual lengths to stay in shape under restrictions.

2021-07-17 The Broadway dancer whose lockdown business bloomed

When Covid closed New York theatres, dancer Robbie Fairchild started a business that put down roots.

2021-07-16 Australia Covid: Melbourne's snap lockdown spark protest

Anti-lockdown demonstrators took to the streets as the country's delta outbreak spreads.

2021-07-15 Surge in alcohol-related deaths during England lockdown, report finds – Alcohol
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