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Date Title
2020-07-07 Invite Rick to Rick Roll Your Zoom Calls
2020-07-02 India’s richest man takes on Zoom
2020-06-25 Turns out Zoom isn't all that different to Skype after all
2020-06-23 What Comes After Zoom?
2020-06-17 Why Zoom Doesn’t Have Product/Market Fit
2020-06-15 Privacy focused Zoom alternative Beacon enters open beta
2020-06-14 Analysis – Why Google is now a better competitor to Slack, WhatsApp and Zoom?
2020-06-12 Senator Josh Hawley's Open Letter to Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom
2020-06-07 Two vulnerabilities in Zoom could lead to code execution
2020-06-05 V002 Camera Live – Zoom with Your DSLR as a Webcam via USB
2020-06-04 If Zoom Is Wrong, So Is Apple
2020-06-01 Coronavirus: What's it like to be laid off over Zoom?

Being made redundant is rarely pleasant, but is it worse finding out via a video call?

2020-05-29 Shut out of bars, Seattle trivia startup Sporcle finds success on Zoom
2020-05-28 Brave Browser Launches Encrypted Video Calls Before Zoom
2020-05-27 Show HN: Multiplayer greyhound racing game to play over Zoom
2020-05-26 Brave Zoom Competitor
2020-05-21 A look at how Jitsi became a ‘secure’ open-source alternative to Zoom
2020-05-20 Singapore sentences man to death via Zoom call
2020-05-20 Man sentenced to death in Singapore via Zoom

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the city to postpone all but 'essential' court cases.

2020-05-16 Show HN: Zoom-CLI, an automated tool to change your Zoom virtual background
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