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Date Title
2020-05-20 Man sentenced to death in Singapore via Zoom

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the city to postpone all but 'essential' court cases.

2020-05-16 Show HN: Zoom-CLI, an automated tool to change your Zoom virtual background
2020-05-15 A Short on How Zoom Works – High Scalability
2020-05-14 US church sues Zoom after Bible study 'zoombombed' by porn

A hacker took over worshippers' computers and played 'sickening' pornographic images, the suit says.

2020-05-11 Uber lays off 3700 employees via Zoom
2020-05-11 $70k for Zoom classes? Virus crisis leaves US students miffed
2020-05-11 U.S. FTC indicates it is looking at Zoom privacy woes
2020-05-10 What We Lose When We Go from the Classroom to Zoom
2020-05-01 US Probes University of Texas over Wuhan Lab Links and Zoom
2020-04-30 Studio Ghibli Releases Free Zoom Backgrounds for Video Conferencing
2020-04-30 Why Zoom Chose Oracle
2020-04-29 Why Zoom Chose Oracle Cloud over AWS and Maybe You Should Too
2020-04-28 FT journalist suspended over claims of Zoom eavesdropping
2020-04-26 Virtual webcam – play a video in e.g. Zoom
2020-04-25 Facebook launches Zoom competitor, with built-in special effects
2020-04-24 The reason Zoom calls drain your energy – BBC Worklife
2020-04-23 Show HN: Make money from virtual events hosted on Zoom
2020-04-22 Want to Ditch Zoom? Jitsi Offers an Open-Source Alternative
2020-04-21 Every Application Fails in Unique but Predictable Ways: A Study in Zoom
2020-04-21 Avatarify: Photorealistic Avatars for Skype and Zoom
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