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2023-09-12 Aerosmith postpone six farewell tour shows due to Steven Tyler's vocal cord damage

Singer Steven Tyler says he is "heartbroken" to push back six shows after "doctor's orders".

2023-09-12 Maria Ressa: Philippines Nobel winner acquitted of last tax evasion case

Filipina journalist scores another legal win in cases filed under Rodrigo Duterte's term.

2023-09-06 Claude the koala unmasked as prolific plant thief in Australia

It ate thousands of seedlings that had been earmarked to help boost Australian koala habitat.

2023-09-05 Mitch McConnell: Doctor says no evidence of stroke or seizures in freezing spell

The 81-year-old Republican has frozen twice in as many months, prompting concerns about his health.

2023-09-05 Jill Biden: US first lady tests positive for Covid-19

She is experiencing mild symptoms, the White House says, while President Joe Biden tested negative.

2023-09-04 Typhoon Haikui: Dozens injured after storm sweeps Taiwan

Haikui was the first big storm to directly hit the island in four years, lashing the south-east.

2023-09-03 Minnesota jail in lockdown as prisoners stage protest

Prisoners are reportedly protesting conditions at the facility amid hot conditions.

2023-09-01 What a doctor's death in a lift tells us about Africa's debt crisis

Nigeria spends twice as much on debt repayments than on health and education combined, a report says.

2023-09-01 When a child is shot, doctors must heal more than just bullet holes

The number of youth who have been shot is on the rise in the US, especially after the pandemic.

2023-08-31 Doctor clears Mitch McConnell after health scare

The Republican senator's fitness is under scrutiny after he froze up in public for the second time.

2023-08-31 Covid fraudster used pandemic rescue funds to buy alpaca farm

The pizzeria owner used a $660,000 Covid-era loan to buy a farm, cars, and radio airtime.

2023-08-31 Country Garden: Debt crisis-hit China property giant in record loss

Country Garden reported a record $6.7bn loss for the first six months of the year.

2023-08-30 Beekeepers to the rescue after 5 million bees fall off truck in Canada

One beekeeper who came to the rescue described a cloud of "angry, confused and homeless" bees.

2023-08-29 Rzeszow: Legionnaires' disease kills 14 in Poland

More than 150 cases are confirmed of the infectious lung disease in a key military hub in Rzeszow.

2023-08-29 Should we worry about recent spike in Covid cases?

Anthony Fauci tells the BBC's Katty Kay that 96% of the US population has degree of immunity.

2023-08-28 Terry Gou: The Taiwan iPhone billionaire who wants to be president

The electronics billionaire has charisma and experience with China - but the opposition vote is divided.

2023-08-28 Evergrande: Shares in the crisis-hit Chinese developer plunge by 80%

The heavily-indebted firm's shares had been suspended from trading in Hong Kong since March last year.

2023-08-25 Canada considers foreign student cap over housing crisis

The country is looking at ways tackle the housing affordability crisis, including capping student visas.

2023-08-25 São Paulo's micro-houses keeping homeless families off the streets

The city of São Paulo has come up with a new idea to try to solve its housing crisis.

2023-08-24 Trump's surrender at Georgia jail 90 seconds

When the former president turns himself in on Thursday it will be unlike any of his previous cases

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