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2020-05-14 Coronavirus: Is Putin rushing Russia out of lockdown?

The Russian president has declared a six-week lockdown over but the infection rate is still very high.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: Ousted US vaccine chief's stark warnings

Congress hears doomladen testimony on the pandemic from former US vaccines supremo Dr Rick Bright.

2020-05-14 How the super-rich spent lockdown

Luxury Bunkers and Private Islands: How the super-rich spent lockdown

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: Amsterdam trials 'Covid-safe' restaurant

Dutch restaurants are currently closed but a trial is under way to see how they could operate safely.

2020-05-14 Rick Bright: 'Ousted' US expert says 'inaction' caused virus deaths

Former top health official Rick Bright says he was removed from his post due to political pressure.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: Surge in deaths reported in southern Yemen

There are reports of a huge rise in people dying with coronavirus-like symptoms in the city of Aden.

2020-05-14 US Senate intelligence chief steps down for FBI probe

The Republican is suspected of using privileged details on coronavirus risks for insider trading.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: Two Rohingya test positive in refugee camp

Aid agencies warn of the impact on the camp in Bangladesh, home to around one million Rohingya.

2020-05-14 US church sues Zoom after Bible study 'zoombombed' by porn

A hacker took over worshippers' computers and played 'sickening' pornographic images, the suit says.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: Are states reopening ahead of White House guidelines?

There is concern some states are relaxing restrictions prematurely. Are the guidelines being followed?

2020-05-14 Appalachian Trail: Covid postpones the great American adventure

For Americans are missing the great outdoors, the Appalachian Trail is waiting.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: Can China test all of Wuhan in only 10 days?

Officials vowed to test all 11 million Wuhan residents in 10 days, but it appears they need longer.

2020-05-14 EU court censures Hungary over migrant detentions

The court ruling comes amid criticism of Hungary's coronavirus emergency law.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: How exposed is your job?

See how your job compares to others in terms of exposure to disease and closeness to other people.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: How the pandemic is relaxing US drinking laws

Many states are relaxing rules about selling alcohol to-go to accommodate Covid closures.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: New Zealand lockdown eased as businesses reopen

New Zealand has reported no new cases of the virus in the past three days.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus: State of emergency lifted in most of Japan

Coronavirus infections fall in much of the country, but Tokyo and Osaka remain under emergency order.

2020-05-14 Coronavirus Sanofi: France resists idea of US getting vaccine first

The government says French drug giant Sanofi should not prioritise the US market.

2020-05-14 Matt Damon breaks Irish lockdown cover with surprise radio call

A Dublin radio presenter had been appealing for the Oscar winner to call his programme for weeks.

2020-05-14 Tour of Britain cancelled with planned 2020 route used in 2021

The Tour of Britain is cancelled with the planned 2020 route instead used in September 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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