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2022-09-20 Panel says US adults should get routine screening for anxiety

The draft guidance comes amid a surge in mental health concerns following the Covid-19 pandemic.

2022-09-20 After 'slow start', US companies embrace refugees

As the world's refugee crisis is pushed to the brink, some corporations finally start to respond.

2022-09-19 Covid-19 pandemic 'is over' in the US - Joe Biden

The president said there is still "a lot of work" being done to control the virus in the US.

2022-09-19 Biden again says US would defend Taiwan if China attacks

The US president says troops would defend the island, but the White House downplays the comments.

2022-09-18 China Covid: Quarantine bus crash kills 27 and injures 20

The bus overturns on the way to an isolation facility, causing anger over China's zero-Covid policy.

2022-09-18 Tango dancers from around the world flock to Buenos Aires

Couples have been competing in the first full world tango championship festival since Covid.

2022-09-16 Lebanese banks to shut after string of hold-ups amid economic crisis

There have been several raids by customers in the past week as people try to access their savings.

2022-09-15 Italy elections: 'It'll break my heart if energy costs shut my historic shop'

Italian businesses fear politicians are failing to address the cost of living crisis ahead of elections.

2022-09-14 Pakistan floods: Dengue cases soaring after record monsoon

Health officials warn of a looming crisis as deaths from dengue and other diseases rise by the day.

2022-09-13 China's Xi to meet Putin in first foreign trip since pandemic

He will meet Russian leader Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of a regional summit in Uzbekistan.

2022-09-13 Financial giant Goldman Sachs set for hundreds of layoffs

The global investment bank said in July it might slow hiring as the economic outlook worsens.

2022-09-12 China Covid lockdowns leave residents short of food and essential items

People are appealing for help on social media as food and medicine supplies dwindle.

2022-09-09 New York declares state of emergency over polio

Evidence emerges that a virus - once declared eradicated from the US - is spreading across the state.

2022-09-08 Queen's doctors concerned for her health - palace

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall travel to Balmoral, with the Duke of Cambridge on his way.

2022-09-07 New York state ends 28-month mask mandate on public transport

Masks will no longer be required on public transport, in airports or ride-share vehicles.

2022-09-07 Ukraine urges Europe not to wobble on war support

EU leaders say their backing for Ukraine is unwavering and Kyiv hopes the energy crisis won't change that.

2022-09-06 Outcry as Chinese lockdown traps residents during earthquake

Some say they tried to flee during an earthquake but found their gates locked due to Covid restrictions.

2022-09-05 China quake: Deadly tremor rocks Sichuan city in lockdown

Tremors hit days after Chengdu's 21 million people are told to stay home because of Covid rules.

2022-09-04 Jackson water crisis: A legacy of environmental racism?

Experts say the crisis in the US city is the result of generations of discrimination and segregation.

2022-09-02 US approves $1.1bn Taiwan arms sale, angering China

Beijing called on the US to revoke the missiles-and-radar deal or face "counter-measures".

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