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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2020-05-30 Coronavirus: India to loosen lockdown despite record cases

A plan to ease the world's biggest lockdown begins on 8 June with restaurants and malls re-opening.

2020-05-27 Rural Cities Overtake NYC in per Capita Covid-19 Cases
2020-05-23 Coronavirus: Over 40 Covid-19 cases traced to church service in Germany

Over 40 people who attended a Baptist service in Frankfurt after curbs were eased were infected.

2020-05-20 Brazil coronavirus outbreak worsens, cases could soon be second highest in world
2020-05-21 Coronavirus: World sees highest daily increase in virus cases - WHO

The head of the World Health Organization warns the pandemic is a "long way" from being over.

2020-05-19 Trump says US topping world virus cases is 'badge of honour'

Mr Trump argues the US having the most coronavirus cases in the world is actually "a good thing".

2020-05-19 Coronavirus patients with even mild cases are taking months to recover
2020-05-18 100M people in renewed lockdown in China after spike of new COVID19 cases
2020-05-17 Total coronavirus cases per 100K residents at a county level
2020-05-17 Coronavirus: Brazil overtakes Spain and Italy as new cases grow
2020-05-17 Coronavirus: Brazil overtakes Spain and Italy as new cases grow

The Latin American nation now has more than 230,000 infections - the world's fourth highest number.

2020-05-15 Mexico at 'peak moment' of coronavirus crisis after biggest daily rise in cases

The country records its largest one-day rise in cases of the virus so far.

2020-05-14 New Zealand has third day with 0 new Covid cases as it leaves lockdown
2020-05-13 As coronavirus cases resurge, lockdowns reimposed on at least three continents
2020-05-13 Coronavirus: Lebanon begins 'total' shutdown as cases increase

There has been a steep rise in coronavirus infections since lockdown restrictions were eased.

2020-05-12 Coronavirus UK map: How many confirmed cases are there in your area?

Key graphics explaining how coronavirus has spread in the UK and the government's response.

2020-05-12 Coronavirus: The Colombian jail with 859 cases

The director of the prison in the city of Villavicencio says overcrowding is to blame.

2020-05-06 Early treatment of Covid-19 with HCQ and AZ:retrospective analysis of 1061 cases
2020-04-28 Covid-19: Only 268 cases and no deaths. How did Vietnam with 97M people do it?
2020-04-28 Japan’s Coronavirus Cases Fall Sharply Without Compulsory Measures
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