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2020-11-20 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Fact-checking misleading images

Manipulated and false images with no relation to the crisis in Ethiopia are being shared online.

2020-11-19 Ethiopia crisis: Arrest warrants for officers amid Tigray fighting

Dozens of army officers are accused of links with the region's ruling party as federal troops advance.

2020-11-18 Ethiopia crisis: Tigray leader vows to keep fighting as government advances

Thousands have been displaced in two weeks of clashes in Ethiopia as both sides vow to keep fighting.

2020-11-18 Migrant crisis: Hundreds evicted from Gran Canaria port as arrivals surge

It follows a sharp rise in the number of people arriving in Spain's Canary Islands from Africa.

2020-11-17 Ethiopia Tigray crisis: 'We came with the clothes on our backs'

The on-going conflict in northern Ethiopia has forced civilians from the Tigray region to flee to eastern Sudan.

2020-11-17 Ethiopia’s Tigray crisis: The long, medium, and short story

A conflict in the Tigray region is threatening to destabilise East Africa. This is why.

2020-11-17 Ethiopia Tigray crisis: UN says full-scale humanitarian situation unfolding

Thousands are fleeing every day from the Tigray region and the UN says its teams are overwhelmed.

2020-11-15 Tigray crisis: Why Ethiopia is spiralling out of control

The warring sides in Tigray see history very differently, and that could cost tens of thousands of lives.

2020-11-14 Ethiopia Tigray crisis: 'We fled from death and murder'

Ethiopians explain why they fled their homes in Tigray to seek refuge in Sudan.

2020-11-14 Ethiopia Tigray crisis: Government says airport damaged in rocket fire

The government says forces from the northern state of Tigray have fired on a neighbouring region.

2020-11-14 The crisis isn’t too much polarization. It’s too little democracy
2020-11-14 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: How the conflict could destabilise its neighbours

With accusations of Eritrean involvement and thousands fleeing, the Tigray conflict could have serious repercussions.

2020-11-13 Ethiopia Tigray crisis: PM Abiy Ahmed accuses Tigrayan troops of massacre

Amnesty International also says "probably hundreds" have been hacked to death in northern Ethiopia.

2020-11-13 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: 'My little brother needs medicine'

A BBC journalist on the fears she has for her family in Ethiopia's Tigray region following an outbreak of fighting.

2020-11-13 US Election 2020: Is American democracy in crisis?

The BBC's Ros Atkins looks at Donald Trump's refusal to concede and what this means for US politics.

2020-11-12 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: 'Civilians massacred', says Amnesty International

"Scores and probably hundreds" were hacked to death on Monday in the Tigray region, the group says.

2020-11-12 AI Is Wrestling with a Replication Crisis
2020-11-12 Europe migrant crisis: Scores die in shipwreck off Libya - UN

The UN says nations must take decisive action to stem a "mounting loss of life in the Mediterranean".

2020-11-12 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: UN warns aid could run out

Flour and fuel shortages are reported in Tigray, where federal and regional forces are fighting.

2020-11-11 Tigray crisis: Local residents ordered to defend against Ethiopia army

Ethiopia's northern region orders the total mobilisation of its population, as a crisis escalates.

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