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2020-11-11 Tigray crisis: Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed rejects peace talks

Abiy Ahmed, last year's Nobel Peace Prize winner, vows to continue using force against regional leaders.

2020-11-05 Tigray crisis: Why there are fears of civil war in Ethiopia

Tensions between Tigray and the federal government threaten to boil over into a serous conflict.

2020-11-05 Tigray crisis: Ethiopia's Abiy Ahmed vows to continue military offensive

Abiy Ahmed's pledge to carry on fighting in Tigray comes despite international calls for restraint.

2020-11-04 The Polling Crisis Is a Catastrophe for American Democracy
2020-11-02 The West has failed – US and Europe have made a mess of handling the crisis
2020-10-29 U.S. States Face Biggest Cash Crisis Since the Great Depression
2020-10-05 Coronavirus: 'World's best airport' warns of prolonged crisis

Singapore's Changi Airport says “battle with Covid-19 has just begun” as it paints bleak picture.

2020-10-04 Elderly and Homeless: America’s Next Housing Crisis
2020-10-02 Amazon hid its safety crisis
2020-09-30 Extinction crisis: World leaders say it is time to act

As world leaders line up to address the UN biodiversity summit, experts say our future is at stake.

2020-09-29 Amazon hid its safety crisis
2020-09-28 Nigeria's Boko Haram crisis: 'Bomb on donkey' used to ambush Borno governor

Militants from an Islamic State-linked group strapped explosives to the animal to target a governor.

2020-09-28 Sir David Attenborough warns world leaders over extinction crisis

The naturalist uses a UN event to call on world leaders to do more to protect nature.

2020-09-24 The Next Covid Crisis: What If People Won’t Take a Vaccine?
2020-09-22 Covid gave world opportunity to fix the climate crisis. We’re about to waste it
2020-09-21 Wren (YC S19) is hiring marketers to help end the climate crisis
2020-09-17 India's Covid crisis sees rise in child marriage and trafficking

Reports of under-age marriage and child labour rose as the lockdown pushed people deeper into poverty.

2020-09-17 Migrant crisis 2015: What happened to Nujeen Mustafa?

Nujeen fled war in Syria, and crossed Europe in her wheelchair in 2015, but where is she now?

2020-09-15 Lebanon crisis: Fire erupts in Zaha Hadid-designed shopping centre in Beirut

The blaze is the third in a week in a city still reeling from a devastating explosion in August.

2020-09-15 The Crisis in the Skies of San Francisco
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