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2022-08-16 Five countries, five meals - tackling the food inflation crisis

Around the world people are adapting to high food prices, sometimes by changing what they eat.

2022-08-11 High and low-tech ways to tackle India's water crisis

India's water situation requires a big investment in tech and many small projects on the ground.

2022-08-09 China property crisis: Why homeowners stopped paying their mortgages

The country's property sector is struggling with a cash crunch, forcing buyers to take extreme steps.

2022-08-08 China housing crisis: The people living in unfinished apartments

China’s massive economy is being threatened by a crisis in the real estate market. As developers spiral into debt, some people have decided to move into unfinished apartments.

2022-08-04 Where does Taiwan crisis leave Biden's China policy?

Nancy Pelosi's visit was an explosive development in a brittle relationship. Many risks lie ahead.

2022-07-28 Cold showers as German city of Hanover reacts to Russian gas crisis

Hanover calls an end to hot showers and summer heating because of the Russian gas crisis.

2022-07-28 Russia-Ukraine crisis: Lavrov shows diplomatic clout in Africa

The red carpet was laid out for Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during his four-nation tour.

2022-07-25 Evergrande: Crisis-hit property giant faces deadline after bosses quit

The Chinese property firm is expected to deliver a preliminary restructuring plan this week.

2022-07-21 Food crisis: Ukraine grain export deal reached with Russia, says Turkey

The UN and Turkey finally reach a deal with Russia to let Ukraine ship grain through the Black Sea.

2022-07-18 Zimbabwe food crisis: Replacing maize with sorghum and millet

Farmers are urged to grow sorghum and millet, not just maize, to tackle drought and food shortages.

2022-07-17 Sri Lanka crisis is a warning to other Asian nations

Rising interest rates are making debt repayment costlier, putting Asian emerging markets at risk of default.

2022-07-14 Italy's PM Draghi on brink as crisis vote looms

His government nears collapse after a populist coalition party plans to pull out of a confidence vote.

2022-07-09 Sri Lanka crisis: Demonstrators take over presidential residence

Thousands of demonstrators have taken over President Gotabaya Rajapaksa's home in Colombo.

2022-07-07 Sri Lanka crisis: Daily heartbreak of life in a country gone bankrupt

Living in Sri Lanka is a daily battle and people are broken after months of crisis, writes Andrew Fidel Fernando.

2022-07-07 South Africa electricity crisis: No power for up to six hours

In what is described as the biggest ever power crisis, there are blackouts of up to six hours a day.

2022-07-03 Kenya's cost-of-living crisis: 'I can't afford rice for my children'

Florence Kambua has no choice but to salvage waste from a dump site in Kenya's capital to survive.

2022-06-30 Sri Lanka fuel crisis: Waiting for days to get fuel

Even taxi drivers and car salesmen are forced into two-day mile-long queues for petrol in Sri Lanka.

2022-06-30 Calais migrant crisis: 15 arrested over Channel tragedy

The deaths of 27 people in November was one of the deadliest incidents in the English Channel.

2022-06-29 The US border crisis - in four graphs

As migration into the US from Mexico continues to surge, it's leading to deadly consequences.

2022-06-28 Texas migrant deaths: Mexico blames poverty and US border crisis

Migrants of Mexican, Honduran and Guatemalan origin were among 50 found dead in a truck in Texas.

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