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2020-08-05 Beirut: Why has there been crisis after crisis in Lebanon?

From the war in 1975 to the explosion that devastated the port area of the capital, Beirut.

2020-08-05 Google’s Search Monopoly Complicates a Mental Health Crisis
2020-08-05 Coronavirus: How an aged care crisis seized 'ill-prepared' Australia

As the country endures its most deadly coronavirus period, have elderly Australians been let down?

2020-08-05 Why Lebanon was already in crisis

What has caused such anger across Lebanon - and why it is not going away.

2020-08-05 Cornonavirus: Crisis-hit Virgin Atlantic files for bankruptcy

At the same time Virgin Australia's new owner Bain Capital is cutting around 3,000 jobs at the airline.

2020-08-04 Math Overflow users resolve PhD thesis crisis
2020-08-04 Coca-Cola paid scientists to downplay how sweet drinks fueled the obesity crisis
2020-07-28 Should police be first to respond in a mental-health crisis?

Why cities in the US and Canada are eyeing removing police from front-line mental-health response.

2020-07-26 The Climate Crisis: Lighting Up Its Impacts
2020-07-26 America’s Looming Primary-Care Crisis
2020-07-25 WE charity scandal - A simple guide to the new crisis for Trudeau

How a multimillion-dollar scheme to help students embroiled Trudeau and his family in controversy.

2020-07-23 NIgeria's Boko Haram crisis: Aid workers 'killed' in Borno state

President Buhari condemns the killings and vows to bring the gunmen to justice.

2020-07-21 Ukraine hostage crisis: Police in Lutsk end stand-off

A siege on a bus in the city of Lutsk has ended with the arrest of the hostage-taker, officials say.

2020-07-20 The Eurozone’s grappling with crisis, class war and the North-South divide
2020-07-20 America's hidden economic crisis: Widespread wage cuts
2020-07-16 The Twitter hack could be a global security crisis
2020-07-14 List of Suicide Crisis Lines
2020-07-11 Big New Obstacle for Economic Recovery: Child Care Crisis
2020-07-10 Coronavirus: How bad is the crisis in US care homes?

America's elderly are dying at an alarming rate in care homes, but the picture remains incomplete.

2020-07-05 Short-Selling Bans Around the World: Evidence from the 2007-09 Crisis
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