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Date Title
2021-01-25 Finland has slashed homelessness; the rest of Europe is failing
2021-01-25 AB71: $2.4B Tax Hike to Create a ‘Statewide Homelessness Solutions Program
2021-01-24 The homeless drug addict who became a history professor

Jesse Thistle, a high school dropout, overcame addiction and homelessness to pursue an academic career.

2021-01-19 Homeless Montreal man dies in cold just yards from shelter

Raphaël André was found in a portable toilet next to a shelter that was closed due to Covid-19.

2021-01-15 Homeless man turned his life around offering book reviews instead of begging
2021-01-14 Vancouver Gave Homeless People $5,800. It Changed Their Lives
2021-01-12 Danke Apartment: China's “residential WeWork” leaves young Chinese homeless
2021-01-12 Danke Apartment: The 'broken eggshell' that left young Chinese homeless

The Danke housing controversy has exposed the vulnerability of young workers in China's cities.

2020-12-18 US evictions crisis: 'My pride has gone. We're pretty much homeless now'

Millions face being homeless as an eviction ban ends - and a lifeline from Congress remains uncertain.

2020-12-07 WW1 trench fever identified in former homeless man in Canada
2020-11-29 In pictures: Hurricanes leave Hondurans homeless and destitute

Hurricanes Eta and Iota left more than 150,000 people in Honduras homeless and many lost everything.

2020-11-23 Examples of 'Anti-Homeless' Hostile Architecture
2020-11-17 California Pair Charged with 41 Count Voter Fraud on Behalf of Homeless People
2020-11-09 Iraq camp closures 'could leave 100,000 displaced people homeless'

Displaced families are being forced out with little notice, the Norwegian Refugee Council says.

2020-10-28 Amazon destroys $1.5m of sellers inventory – now homeless
2020-10-04 Elderly and Homeless: America’s Next Housing Crisis
2020-08-01 Star Trek DS9's Take on Homelessness Is All Too Real
2020-06-12 Man charged with poisoning homeless people in California

The suspect is accused of feeding his victims with a substance "twice as strong" as pepper spray.

2020-05-22 Trump administration yanks approval for homeless shelters across California
2020-05-08 SF confirms it's giving drugs to homeless in hotels in 'limited quantities'
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