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Date Title
2021-06-12 Trace fossils, the most inconspicuous bite-sized window into ancient worlds
2021-06-10 I Am an Object of Internet Ridicule, Ask Me Anything
2021-06-08 Stablecoins must face ‘difficult questions’, warns Bank of England
2021-06-04 Stanford CS Curriculum 2021
2021-06-02 Manicure robot in San Francisco is now painting nails in 10 minutes for just $8
2021-05-31 Google reportedly made it difficult for users to find privacy settings
2021-05-28 Agricultural Pest that Relies on Bacteria to Overcome Plant Defenses
2021-05-18 Saying the Difficult Things
2021-05-13 Even If You Think Discussing Aliens Is Ridiculous, Just Hear Me Out
2021-05-12 Learning Skeletal Articulations with Neural Blend Shapes
2021-04-29 Cognicull: Knowledge base for mathematics, natural science and engineering
2021-04-28 Connecticut passes bill eliminating religious exemption for school vaccinations
2021-04-28 Epicurious Will No Longer Publish Beef Recipes
2021-04-28 The Planet on the Plate: Why Epicurious Left Beef Behind
2021-04-27 Epicurious: US food website ditches beef in new recipes over environment

Editors of the US site describe the move as "not anti-beef, but rather pro-planet".

2021-04-25 The difficulty of programming depends on the layer and quality of abstraction
2021-04-22 India Covid: Delhi high court criticises 'ridiculous' oxygen shortage

The court says it is the responsibility of the government to beg borrow or steal to ensure oxygen.

2021-04-20 Connecticut Inn Has Hosted Sea Chantey Singalongs for Half a Century
2021-04-09 Visceral fat shows strongest association with ICU need in patients with Covid-19
2021-04-09 North Korea: Kim Jong-un warns of 'difficult' crisis

Human rights groups say the country is facing dire food shortages and economic instability.

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