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Date Title
2021-02-07 Opinion: Don’t Stop at Big Tech–We Need to Bust Big Agriculture, Too
2021-01-31 The Whole Messy, Ridiculous GameStop Saga in One Sentence
2021-01-31 Reticule: A new way to write and explore mathematical texts
2021-01-29 Codex Atlanticus: Explore the Largest Collection of Works by Da Vinci
2021-01-29 The actresses speaking out over being labelled 'difficult'

Katherine Heigl is the latest actress to discuss the double standards facing women. Are times changing?

2021-01-23 A curriculum developed around the television series, Halt and Catch Fire
2021-01-16 The surprisingly difficult problem of user-defined order in SQL
2021-01-15 Signal is experiencing technical difficulties
2021-01-15 Signal is having technical difficulties
2021-01-12 Entire Computer Science Curriculum in 1000 YouTube Videos
2021-01-06 Homo Informaticus, from Plato and Aristotle to Alan Turing and Claude Shannon
2021-01-05 Why SpaceX Wants to Make Landing Super Heavy More Difficult
2020-12-25 The Famicube Project
2020-12-22 Testicular Compression Boosts Testosterone (1993)
2020-12-18 Starting a blog has never been this difficult
2020-12-16 Brexit trade talks with India: 'We don't duck the difficult issues'

Dominic Rabb says the UK wants a post-Brexit trade deal with India, but will also hold it accountable for human rights issues.

2020-12-15 Mundane: Rust cryptography library that is difficult to misuse
2020-12-13 Stockholm ICUs at 99% Capacity
2020-12-12 Gamers allege EA uses Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment so players spend more money
2020-12-08 LinkedIn SRE Curriculum for Non-Traditional Hires and New College Grads
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