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2020-06-02 Coronavirus: How lockdown affected Argentina's livelihoods

The prolonged lockdown in Argentina has brought more misery to a country with a troubled economic past.

2020-06-02 Enjoying lockdown: 'Not having anything in my diary was a blessing in disguise'

For people whose diaries are usually full, the quarantine period has made them reassess their priorities.

2020-06-01 Coronavirus: Germany divided as states lift lockdown

Different states are easing lockdown at different rates, and some fear infections could rise again.

2020-06-01 Coronavirus: The fears of India's tea workers in lockdown

India has the fifth largest economy in the world but its size hasn’t protected it from the impact of coronavirus.

2020-06-01 Coronavirus: Lockdown eased in Moscow after nine weeks

Parks and shopping centres reopen and people are allowed out for walks, as cases continue to rise.

2020-05-31 Coronavirus: Belgian Prince Joachim apologises for Spanish lockdown party

Prince Joachim, who contracted coronavirus after attending a party in Spain, "regrets" his actions.

2020-05-30 Coronavirus: Belgian Prince Joachim tests positive after lockdown party

Spanish police are investigating whether a party attended by Prince Joachim breached lockdown rules.

2020-05-30 Coronavirus: India to loosen lockdown despite record cases

A plan to ease the world's biggest lockdown begins on 8 June with restaurants and malls re-opening.

2020-05-30 Norway health chief: Lockdown was not needed to tame Covid
2020-05-29 Coronavirus: Belgian zoo comes back to life from lockdown

After two months without visitors, Pairi Daiza is welcoming the public back, but in smaller numbers.

2020-05-28 Online child abuse rising during lockdown warn police

Police forces across the world are warning criminals are using the restrictions to target children.

2020-05-28 When Covid-19 hit, zookeeper Caitlin Henderson ended up in lockdown with 70 spiders

When Covid-19 hit, zookeeper Caitlin Henderson ended up in lockdown with 70 spiders.

2020-05-28 Martin Scorsese reveals lockdown 'anxiety' and 'relief'

The US film director has made a haunting home video for the BBC about his experience of confinement.

2020-05-27 Coronavirus: Professional athletes train in lockdown

Professional and Olympic athletes have had to devise ways to continue their rigorous training.

2020-05-27 Cramer: Government was a bad actor allowing big retailers bigger in lockdowns
2020-05-27 The big debate: is lockdown wrong?
2020-05-25 Coronavirus outbreak: Five ways Europe is easing lockdown

Jogging in a Madrid park, having a Czech beer, taking a Greek ferry - Europe is opening up more.

2020-05-24 Coronavirus: Austrian president 'sorry' for breaking lockdown curfew

President Van der Bellen stayed at a Vienna restaurant beyond the mandated closing time of 23:00.

2020-05-24 Lockdown saved no lives and may have cost them, Nobel Prize winner believes
2020-05-24 Show HN: Simple shell script for locking down new linux installs
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