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Date Title
2021-06-20 Mass mask-wearing notably reduces Covid-19 transmission [pdf]
2021-06-19 The Masks of the Zuni (1904)
2021-06-19 Lifting the Mask
2021-06-17 Giant Buddhist statue gets Covid face mask in Japan

Temple managers plan to keep the face covering on the figure until the pandemic is brought under control.

2021-06-15 Marjorie Taylor Greene sorry for likening masks to Holocaust

The conservative firebrand says it is important for her to acknowledge her "offensive remarks".

2021-06-11 Legislation would unmask third-party sellers, but Amazon is fighting it
2021-06-10 San Francisco Finally Says You Can Take Your Masks Off
2021-06-10 California mandated masks. Florida opened its restaurants. Did any of it matter?
2021-05-30 James Bond Unmasked (1968)
2021-05-30 The “noble lie” on masks probably wasn't a lie
2021-05-20 Face masks effectively limit the probability of SARS-CoV-2 transmission
2021-05-19 'No masks for the vaccinated': What the latest US mask guidance means

New mask advice has added to the confusion around US Covid rules. Here's what the experts say.

2021-05-19 DOJ Sent a Grand Jury Subpoena to Twitter to Unmask a Twitter User
2021-05-18 They’re Vaccinated and Keeping Their Masks On, Maybe Forever
2021-05-18 Masks are good and we should keep wearing them
2021-05-18 Trump DOJ Tried to Unmask User Behind Devin Nunes Parody Twitter Account
2021-05-17 A Former CIA Chief of Disguise Shows Off a Five-Second Mask
2021-05-13 CDC Says Vaccinated People Can Go Maskless in Most Places
2021-05-13 Covid: US relaxes mask guidance for fully vaccinated Americans

US health officials say masks and physical distancing are no longer needed for vaccinated Americans.

2021-05-12 People Aren’t ‘Addicted’ to Wearing Masks, They’re Traumatized
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