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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2021-06-09 Coronavirus: Auckland ranked most liveable city as pandemic shifts list

The New Zealand city tops an annual list that has been shaken by the coronavirus pandemic.

2021-06-08 Italy's plummeting birth rate worsened by pandemic

Italy's birth rate is at its lowest since 1861 and Covid-19 has made it harder to start a family.

2021-06-08 18% more office space has been lost during this pandemic than in 2008
2021-06-07 The pandemic might have killed off some flu strains for good
2021-06-06 The Absurdity of Peer Review: What the Pandemic Revealed
2021-06-04 Lockdown 'had no effect' on coronavirus pandemic in Germany
2021-06-03 Pandemic homeschoolers who are not going back
2021-06-03 Coronavirus: First cruise ship arrives in Venice since pandemic began

The MSC Orchestra is due pick up passengers for a Mediterranean voyage - but protests are planned.

2021-06-02 Why are house prices rising so fast in a pandemic?
2021-05-30 U.S. experts call for China to allow deeper look into the pandemic’s origins
2021-05-30 The pandemic revives interest in a morbid French financial scheme
2021-05-28 Bosses are acting like the pandemic never happened
2021-05-24 Covid: How the pandemic is affecting your dreams

More than year into Covid-19, do people in your dreams wear masks or socially distance?

2021-05-24 India records 300,000 Covid deaths as pandemic rages

India took less than a month to record its last 100,000 deaths but experts warn the toll is much higher.

2021-05-19 Flu Has Disappeared Worldwide During the Covid Pandemic
2021-05-18 Statistical illiteracy isn't a niche problem. During a pandemic, it can be fatal
2021-05-17 Charging 589% Interest in the Pandemic Is a Booming Business
2021-05-16 Michael Lewis: ‘We were incentivised to have a bad pandemic response’
2021-05-16 54% of employees would quit their jobs if not provided post-pandemic flexibility
2021-05-15 Alcohol use may be behind pandemic’s impact on gastrointestinal, liver diseases
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