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Date Title
2021-03-11 Finnish nasal coronavirus vaccine firm scrambles for financing
2021-03-09 Ethical Questions Arise After Scientists Brew Powerful 'SARS 2.0' Virus – 2015
2021-03-09 France coronavirus: Paris cuts non-Covid treatment amid intensive care surge

Non-coronavirus care is reduced by 40% but a new lockdown is a "last resort", officials say.

2021-03-09 Why Scientists Are Infecting Healthy Volunteers with the Coronavirus
2021-03-09 Coronavirus: Divers find Philippine reef covered with single-use face masks

Divers in the Philippines find personal protective equipment (PPE) among rubbish on a coral reef.

2021-03-08 In 2018, US Diplomats Warned of Risky Coronavirus Experiments in a Wuhan Lab
2021-03-08 Over 140k virus species in the human gut, half of which are new to science
2021-03-06 Coronavirus: Paraguay president asks ministers to resign

Violent protests have broken out over the government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

2021-03-06 Coronavirus: US Senate passes major $1.9tn relief plan

It is America's third major spending package to deal with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

2021-03-06 Coronavirus: Europe in vaccine race to save summer

Waiting for a jab and vaccine passport, EU citizens are impatient to get their lives back.

2021-03-05 Exploiting Bitdefender Antivirus: RCE from any website
2021-03-05 Pope due in Iraq despite virus and security risks

It will be Pope Francis's first international trip since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2021-03-04 Coronavirus: Hairdressers reopen in the Netherlands

Hairdressers in the Netherlands have reopened after being shut since December.

2021-03-04 Updated coronavirus vaccines can be fast-tracked like flu jabs

Rapid approval without lengthy tests can happen if new vaccines are needed to fight variants, say regulators.

2021-03-02 Coronavirus: Texas moves to lift mask mandate and lift Covid rules

Texas's mask mandate will be lifted and businesses allowed to reopen fully, Governor Abbott says.

2021-03-02 Coronavirus: What's behind France's AstraZeneca turnaround?

President Macron expressed scepticism of the jab - but now France has approved it for some over-65s.

2021-03-02 Covid-related hunger could kill more people than the virus – UN Global Compact
2021-03-01 Baby infected with coronavirus in the womb – new study
2021-03-01 Coronavirus: The misleading claims about an Indian remedy

A traditional herbal remedy said to "cure" Covid has resurfaced, but there's no evidence it works.

2021-03-01 Coronavirus: False vaccine claims debunked

Misleading claims about coronavirus vaccines have been spreading online.

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