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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2021-06-28 Renewed questions about the virus, and hard-to-face answers
2021-06-27 Wikipedia's endless war over the coronavirus lab leak theory
2021-06-26 SARS-CoV-2 reactive T-cells likely present due to prior exposure to flu viruses
2021-06-25 Where Did the Coronavirus Come From? What We Already Know Is Troubling
2021-06-25 Coronavirus: Israel reimposes masks amid new virus fears

It comes just days after the last restriction was lifted, as concerns grow over a spate of cases.

2021-06-25 Over 40k previously unknown viruses found in the human gut microbiome
2021-06-24 A Coronavirus Epidemic Hit 20k Years Ago, New Study Finds
2021-06-23 Seattle scientist digs up deleted coronavirus genetic data
2021-06-23 Scientist finds early virus sequences that had been mysteriously deleted
2021-06-23 John McAfee: Anti-virus creator found dead in prison cell

The software mogul is found dead hours after a Spanish court allowed his extradition to the US on tax charges.

2021-06-18 Coronavirus: Setback for EU in legal fight with AstraZeneca

But the drug-maker faces hefty fines if it fails to supply doses of Covid-19 vaccine over the summer.

2021-06-17 Scientist Opens Up About His Early Email to Fauci on Virus Origins
2021-06-16 Federal Reserve warns US economy path depends on virus

The US central bank brought forward its projection for an interest rate hike into 2023 on Wednesday.

2021-06-16 More evidence coronavirus was circulating across the United States in Dec 2019
2021-06-15 Mapping the Intellectual Structure of the Coronavirus Field (2000–2020)
2021-06-15 US antivirus software creator fights extradition from Spain
2021-06-15 Failure in Tech Journalism: Getting the Truth about Antivirus Software
2021-06-13 India coronavirus: 'I lost my father and pregnant wife to Covid'

One man's ordeal in India as the second wave of coronavirus devastates his family.

2021-06-11 Covid: Celebrity Millennium cruise guests test positive for virus

Royal Caribbean restarted cruises in June after they were suspended for more than a year.

2021-06-10 Coronavirus: Can countries pay back pandemic debt?

Countries around the world have borrowed staggering amounts to deal with the pandemic. But where does a government borrow that money from - and can it ever be paid back?

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