The Tools We Use

Ruby. I've never met a language that I love as much; Ruby changed my life for the better. Thank you Matz and crew.

Rails. Yep. I'm a Rails guy. Even though Rails takes a lot of grief these days, it remains the **fastest way to go from nothing to something real in just days** (this started just a few days ago). Thank you DHH and Rails community.

Postgres. I'm historically a MySQL guy but I do a lot of Postgres these days and I'm coming to like the zen of Postgres. Thanks!

JumpStart Pro. I'm basically a backend guy and JumpStart Pro is a Rails application template which makes your Rails app basically look great and handles lots and lots of things for you like SAAS and such. Thank you Chris Oliver and GoRails (they make JumpStart Pro).

TailwindCSS. As noted, I'm a backend guy and Tailwind CSS let even me make things that look good. And when I saw how readily another team member grokked Tailwind? Well, as the Monkees said, "I'm a believer".

HatchBox. Rails deployment is the ugly, dark, evil, crap ass side of the Rails world. Rails deployment is generally like that alcoholic uncle who is an asshole at family gatherings. We all tolerate Rails deployment because we love Rails but good lord Rails core team - the platform is how many damn years old now? Someone please make this easy. But, in the interim, there's Hatchbox which makes Rails deployment the best experience I've ever had. Thank you Chris Oliver and GoRails (they make HatchBox too).

Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean or DO is the best cheap hosting I've used in years. I've run on Digital Ocean for years and they've been flawless. This DO link includes my referral and gets me some free credits to pay for the hosting on this so feel free to signup to support

Google Cloud. We started development on CovidNearMe on Digital Ocean and I stand by that decision. But, because of the sensitivity of the medical information we are now processing, we either have (or are in the process of) moving to Google Cloud.

Jira. We are using a free Jira account to manage our development on this. And I'm slowly being converted to the awesomeness of Jira. A request to the Jira team - could we get our account upgraded perhaps? Pretty please?

HoneyBadger. HoneyBadger is the best way I've ever found to capture runtime errors in your software. A request to the HoneyBadger team - I'm a legacy paid user on a micro account. Any chance of getting my fuzzygroup account upgraded so my other developer on this could have access?

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