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2021-01-20 Coronavirus: French students highlight pandemic's mental health toll

Student protests around the country are set to highlight the mental health impacts of the pandemic.

2021-01-20 Coronavirus: Why South Africa has yet to roll out vaccines

South Africa is the worst-hit country in Africa, but has not yet started doing Covid-19 vaccinations.

2021-01-19 Linux.Midrashim: Assembly x64 ELF virus
2021-01-19 Single Covid vaccine dose in Israel 'less effective than we thought'
2021-01-19 Homeless Montreal man dies in cold just yards from shelter

Raphaël André was found in a portable toilet next to a shelter that was closed due to Covid-19.

2021-01-19 Show HN: Gamejoy – hosted Zoom games for remote teams
2021-01-19 Wuhan-lab researchers admit being bitten by coronavirus infected bats
2021-01-19 Italy PM Conte faces crucial Senate vote to stay in power

The vote in Italy's upper house was triggered by a row over EU funds to tackle Covid.

2021-01-19 Backlog of Covid bodies forces CA air quality agency to suspend cremation limits
2021-01-19 Ransomware: Anti-virus unable to detect it
2021-01-19 Fang Fang: Author vilified for Wuhan Diary speaks out a year on

Wuhan writer Fang Fang talks about the price she has had to pay for her controversial lockdown diaries.

2021-01-19 What You Should Know Before Leaking a Zoom Meeting
2021-01-19 The B.1.1.7 Coronavirus Variant
2021-01-19 New studies show Apple Watch can help detect Covid-19 before symptoms and tests
2021-01-19 Tunisia protests: Hundreds arrested as clashes continue

Demonstrators angered by high unemployment and an economic crisis clash with police.

2021-01-19 Kyrgios criticises Djokovic over Australian Open quarantine row

Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios takes aim at Novak Djokovic ahead of the Australian Open.

2021-01-18 Biden inauguration: How security threats and Covid have changed ceremony

Troops descend on US capital to ensure the new president can be sworn in amid threats of violence.

2021-01-18 China deletes data about Wuhan lab with details of 300 studies vanishing
2021-01-18 Data Scientist Rebekah Jones, Facing Arrest, Turns Herself in to Authorities
2021-01-18 The Covid‐19 insidious trick: Subjective perception of numbers (2020)
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