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2020-11-28 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Army claims advance on several towns

Ethiopia's army says it has seized control of several towns in the northern region of Tigray.

2020-11-28 Tigray crisis: Ethiopian soldiers accused of blocking border with Sudan

Families fleeing the conflict in Tigray tell the BBC they have been cut off from relatives.

2020-11-27 Tiny Homes Won’t Fix the Housing Crisis
2020-11-27 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Fears of a march into guerrilla warfare

The government is hoping for a quick victory in Tigray but it may not be that simple.

2020-11-26 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: PM declares assault on regional capital Mekelle

PM Abiy Ahmed says the military will try not to harm civilians and urged people to stay at home.

2020-11-26 Tigray crisis: How the Ethiopian army and TPLF clashed over an airport

With communications largely cut to the Tigray region, both sides in the conflict are trying to control the narrative.

2020-11-25 Europe migrant crisis: Rescuers find owners of wedding rings lost at sea

The team had feared the owners of the rings, inscribed with the names Ahmed and Doudou, were dead.

2020-11-25 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Abiy Ahmed 'rejects international interference'

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed says it is an internal matter amid growing international concern.

2020-11-25 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Fears of ethnic profiling stalk conflict

Some ethnic Tigrayans complain of harassment and discrimination - an allegation the government denies.

2020-11-24 Middle-Age Crisis: The Surprising Story of Medieval Science
2020-11-24 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: UN warns of war crimes as deadline looms

The UN condemns "aggressive rhetoric" that could risk lives in the conflict-torn Tigray region.

2020-11-23 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Debretsion Gebremichael vows to fight on

Debretsion Gebremichael says people are "ready to die" to defend the region despite calls to surrender.

2020-11-23 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: UN urges protection of civilians

People in the region's capital are told to "save themselves" as the army advances on the city.

2020-11-22 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed rejects talks

"We don't negotiate with criminals," a senior aide to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed tells the BBC.

2020-11-22 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Debretsion Gebremichael, the man at the heart of the conflict

War veteran and ex-minister Debretsion Gebremichael now leads the struggle against the government.

2020-11-20 Ethiopia crisis: Ceasefire calls as army claims progress in Tigray

Aid agencies say they are unable to reach civilians affected by fierce fighting in the Tigray region.

2020-11-20 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Fact-checking misleading images

Manipulated and false images with no relation to the crisis in Ethiopia are being shared online.

2020-11-19 Ethiopia crisis: Arrest warrants for officers amid Tigray fighting

Dozens of army officers are accused of links with the region's ruling party as federal troops advance.

2020-11-18 Ethiopia crisis: Tigray leader vows to keep fighting as government advances

Thousands have been displaced in two weeks of clashes in Ethiopia as both sides vow to keep fighting.

2020-11-18 Migrant crisis: Hundreds evicted from Gran Canaria port as arrivals surge

It follows a sharp rise in the number of people arriving in Spain's Canary Islands from Africa.

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