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2024-06-19 Inside India’s first emergency room to fight heat crisis

Doctors are fighting to save people from heat strokes in a first-of-its-kind clinic in India's capital.

2024-06-18 Should I worry about a bird flu pandemic?

Bird flu is spreading in cattle herds in the US in a surprising development that’s worrying scientists.

2024-06-17 US surgeon general wants social media warning labels

Vivek Murthy says social media increases the risk that children will experience anxiety and depression.

2024-06-16 Muted Eid celebrations for millions of Nigerian Muslims

The economic crisis means millions of Nigerian Muslims will not be celebrating Eid al-Adha as normal.

2024-06-14 Telehealth executives accused of $100m Adderall scheme

The pandemic-era start-up distributed 40m pills of controlled substances "for no legitimate medical purpose".

2024-06-13 Second person dies from mpox in South Africa

These are the first fatalities the country has recorded from the virus, previously known as monkeypox.

2024-06-12 Teen drowned at Florida theme park, inquest hears

Anna Beaumont was on holiday when she got into difficulty in the water at Discovery Cove.

2024-06-12 Nigerians divided over democracy

As the country marks 25 years of civilian rule it faces an economic crisis that has left many angry.

2024-06-12 Tiger mosquitoes behind dengue fever rise in Europe

Concerning rise in dengue fever cases as climate change pushes mosquitoes further north, warn experts.

2024-06-11 Baltimore shipping channel reopens after bridge collapse

The US Army Corps of Engineers said the area was "safe for transit", nearly three months after the disaster.

2024-06-06 US reverses ban on Juul vaping products

The FDA said that, while it was lifting the ban, it would continue to review the company's products for approval.

2024-06-04 Biden walks difficult tightrope as son's gun trial begins

The president has "boundless love" for his son but Hunter's problems are being aired at a politically sensitive time.

2024-06-03 'You're mister, not doctor': Fauci grilled by Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene challenged the US' former top doctor, who also got emotional during his testimony.

2024-06-03 House panel grills Dr Anthony Fauci on Covid origins

It is first time the infectious disease expert has publicly testified since leaving the White House in 2022.

2024-06-03 Fan steps in for injured caddie at Canadian Open

Paul Emerson steps up to help CT Pan - after the Taiwanese player's regular caddie injured himself.

2024-05-31 A guide to Trump's four criminal cases

The former president is juggling potentially explosive legal battles with campaigning for the White House.

2024-05-30 Alito rejects call to skip Trump cases after flags row

Samuel Alito was asked to recuse himself after political flags were seen flying outside his houses.

2024-05-29 Hard choices as Ukraine faces worst crisis since war began

The BBC's Jeremy Bowen explains why there could be a dangerous summer ahead in Ukraine.

2024-05-29 Outrage as Nigeria changes national anthem

Many Nigerians say the country has more pressing needs amid a cost-of-living crisis.

2024-05-28 Singapore Airlines: 'Turbulence landed five of my family in ICU'

A week on, passengers and family reveal to the BBC what happened on Flight SQ321.

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