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2021-01-18 Yemen: The doctor alone in a Covid-ravaged hospital

As war-torn Yemen braces itself for a second wave of Covid-19, one doctor tells her story of battling the pandemic alone after her colleagues fled.

2021-01-16 EFF, Cory Doctorow warn about the dangers of de-platforming and censorship
2021-01-16 Texas trauma doctor says post-Covid lungs are more damaged than smokers'
2021-01-15 German sports doctor jailed over blood doping scandal

Mark Schmidt masterminded an international doping ring exposed by police in "Operation Aderlass".

2021-01-13 Is seeing your doctor on online working?

The coronavirus pandemic has helped spark a boom in virtual doctor's visits.

2021-01-10 Mortality rate for Black babies plummets when they’re delivered by Black doctors
2021-01-08 Over 100 Scientists and Doctors Call for Increased Vitamin D to Combat Covid-19
2021-01-06 US doctor forgives $650k in medical bills for cancer patients
2021-01-06 Doctor Who HiFive – Inventor Coding Kit
2021-01-05 US doctor forgives $650,000 in medical bills for cancer patients

The Arkansas oncologist said the pandemic had left many of his patients struggling to pay.

2020-12-31 Doctors need to be paid less and it needs to be easier to become a doctor.
2020-12-30 Knowing amount of viral load could help doctors predict the course of disease
2020-12-29 Cory Doctorow (CCC): What the cyberoptimists got wrong – and what to do about it
2020-12-28 Zoom Exec Allegedly Doctored Child Porn to Smear Tiananmen Sq Memorial Activist
2020-12-25 “This Is How Black People Get Killed”: Doctor in Video Before Covid Death
2020-12-24 Black US doctor dies of Covid alleging racist hospital care

The 52-year-old doctor wrote in a post from her hospital bed that she had to "beg" for treatment.

2020-12-22 Afghanistan conflict: Kabul car bombing kills four doctors

At least two of the doctors, who worked at a prison in the Afghan capital, were women, police say.

2020-12-17 Tigray crisis: How Ethiopian doctors fled militia attacks

Ethiopian doctors tell the BBC about their efforts to treat wounded civilians during fighting last month.

2020-12-15 Why India's doctors differ on Covid-19 plasma therapy

The therapy is allowed in many countries despite unanswered questions over its efficacy.

2020-12-14 Internal Medicine Doctors Read the Pfizer Vaccine Study and See Red Flags
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