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2023-05-30 Covid: Top Chinese scientist says don’t rule out lab leak

The man who led China's pandemic response says inquiries into its origins should consider everything.

2023-05-05 US FDA recalls over 500,000 Covid tests over bacteria risk

The FDA said the liquid solution in some Pilot Covid-19 At-Home Tests may pose safety concerns.

2023-05-05 Covid global health emergency is over, WHO says

Close to 20 million people are likely to have died during the last three years, says the WHO.

2023-05-04 Covid: China tourism rebounds above pre-pandemic levels

Domestic travel in the country jumped sharply during the five-day May Day break.

2023-05-02 Fang Bin: China Covid whistleblower returns home to Wuhan after jail

Fang Bin was one of several "citizen journalists" who reported from the epicentre of the pandemic.

2023-04-27 China: History textbook's 'Covid war' mention sparks discussion

Some are asking whether a textbook's short description of China's fight against Covid is truthful.

2023-04-11 Interest rates likely to fall to pre-Covid levels, IMF predicts

The financial body predicts borrowing costs will reduce once high inflation is brought under control.

2023-04-10 XBB.1.16: India hospitals on alert as Covid-19 cases rise

Experts have urged caution, but asked people not to panic as the new subvariant is not deadly.

2023-04-07 Covid origins: Chinese scientists publish long-awaited data

A peer-reviewed study connects the virus with animals sold in the market linked with early cases.

2023-03-25 Have we found the 'animal origin' of Covid?

Genetic data released by China three years after it was gathered has provided 'the best evidence' of how the pandemic started, scientists say.

2023-03-24 US House Intel Chairman on the origins of Covid-19

Mike Turner on why he supports declassifying US intelligence regarding the origins of Covid.

2023-03-14 China reopening borders to foreign tourists for first time since Covid erupted

The move marks a major easing of travel curbs in place since the start of the Covid pandemic.

2023-03-08 Covid origins investigation: US House of Representatives holds first hearing

The panel, formed by a new Republican majority, is aiming to establish how the coronavirus emerged.

2023-03-02 Toxic debate over lab leak theory hampers search for Covid origins

US agencies cannot agree on how the pandemic started, with the scientific community bitterly divided.

2023-03-01 Covid origin: Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory is so disputed

The claim Covid-19 leaked from a Chinese laboratory dates from early in the pandemic. Here's what we know.

2023-03-01 Covid: FBI director Christopher Wray says China lab leak 'most likely'

Christopher Wray says the FBI has "for quite some time" settled on a potential lab incident in Wuhan.

2023-02-28 China should be honest on Covid origin, says US envoy

Beijing hits back that the outbreak's origin is "about science and should not be politicised".

2023-02-11 Grieving a daughter's Covid death in Wuhan - while being surveilled

Yang Min has demanded "justice" for her daughter, who died of Covid in China three years ago.

2023-02-07 Relics of zero-Covid dot China as life moves on

The country amassed zero-Covid infrastructure - now much of it is being dismantled or repurposed.

2023-02-02 Low immunity, overwhelmed hospitals fuel Covid-19 deaths in ageing Japan

Deaths in the country, which for long had one of the lowest Covid death rates, peaked earlier this month.

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