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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2021-04-06 Is Outside Air Covid Safe? Are Masks Needed Outdoors?
2021-04-06 Tokyo Olympics: North Korea to skip Games over Covid-19 fears

The announcement puts an end to Seoul's hopes of using the Games to engage with Pyongyang.

2021-04-05 Five animals to spot in a post-Covid financial jungle

As the world prepares for an economic reset, several creatures have emerged to help you navigate your way.

2021-04-05 Vitamin D: The truth about an alleged Covid ‘cover-up’
2021-04-05 Covid Super Strains? There Are None, Says Virologist
2021-04-05 Covid rule-breaker 'dies after exercise punishment'

The man was allegedly forced to do exercises after buying water during a curfew in the Philippines.

2021-04-05 Covid: Paris police probe 'secret luxury dinner parties'

French authorities investigate after an undercover video claims to show secret luxury dining.

2021-04-04 Covid in Kenya: The woman who refuses to be defeated by the virus

Kenyan Josephine Muchilwa lost her chef's job and then her business but is now trying something else.

2021-04-04 Covid Greece: Waiting for the tourists to come back

As Europeans wait to see if foreign holidays are possible this summer, Greece hopes to open up soon.

2021-04-04 No more lockdowns: UK will treat Covid like seasonal flu, says Chris Whitty
2021-04-04 India Covid: Maharashtra state to see curfew and weekend lockdown

On Sunday the state recorded more than half of India's 93,249 new cases.

2021-04-04 Why Is Africa the Global Covid Cold Spot and Why Are We Afraid to Talk About It?
2021-04-04 Covid vaccine passports: Health experts are deeply concerned
2021-04-04 ‘Has everyone in Kent gone to an illegal rave?': Covid detectives
2021-04-03 Covid-19: France enters third national lockdown amid ICU surge

The measures come as Europe battles a third wave of the pandemic and delays in its vaccine rollout.

2021-04-03 Stock market could double by 2030 because Covid changed the policy environment
2021-04-03 Covid-19: Italy begins strict Easter lockdown

The measures come as Italy battles a third wave of the pandemic, with more than 20,000 new cases daily.

2021-04-02 Ros Atkins On… Macron’s Covid-19 Crisis

Coronavirus has forced France into a third lockdown and raised questions about President Emmanuel Macron’s leadership.

2021-04-02 Covid-19 vanishing in Israel as vaccinations kick-in
2021-04-02 Almost third of UK Covid hospital patients readmitted within four months
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