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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2020-11-28 Correlating Covid-19 cases and negative reviews of unscented candles
2020-11-22 Covid: Australia state reopens border after Covid cases plummet

New South Wales opens its border with Victoria for the first time since a second wave struck in July.

2020-11-21 California's Covid curfew to begin as cases surge beyond past peak

The nightly stay-at-home order aims to reduce cases, which have surged beyond their August peak.

2020-11-20 Actual Covid-19 Cases Could Be 6 Times Greater Than Official Figures
2020-11-19 Full text search on 400M US court cases
2020-11-17 Canada Covid cases rise, Nunavut to enter lockdown

The northern territory confirmed its first community case early this month and has seen a rapid rise.

2020-11-16 Covid: Michigan and Washington State clamp down as US cases pass 11 million mark

Michigan and Washington State take action as more than 900 Americans a day die with the virus.

2020-11-15 Trump's legal battles: How six cases may play out

Defeated in the election, Trump will soon become a private citizen again. A legal storm awaits him.

2020-11-15 Gov. Inslee orders new lockdown as Covid-19 cases surge in Washington State
2020-11-13 Coronavirus: California hits one million cases as outbreaks grow across US

California is the second state to reach a million cases as outbreaks put a pause on reopenings.

2020-11-12 Delhi's Covid cases spike as temperatures drop and pollution rises

India's capital is grappling with a twin public health emergency - the pandemic and toxic air.

2020-11-11 Coronavirus: US hospital admissions reach record high as cases surge

The US has surpassed 10 million total Covid cases and experts warn hospitals could be overwhelmed.

2020-11-09 Covid-19: Global coronavirus cases pass 50 million

More than 1.25 million coronavirus-related deaths have been reported, Johns Hopkins university says.

2020-11-06 Coronavirus: France records more than 60,000 cases

Sixty thousand cases in 24 hours bring the total number to 1.7 million since the pandemic began.

2020-11-05 Coronavirus: Record 100,000 new Covid cases reported in US

It is the highest one-day rise in a country that has recorded more cases and deaths than any other.

2020-11-04 MIT Cough Detector Identifies 97% of Covid-19 Cases Even in Asymptomatic People
2020-11-01 Coronavirus: Spain's funeral homes strike as cases rise

Europe is grappling with a second wave as cases and deaths continue to rise.

2020-11-01 No new locally-acquired coronavirus cases in Australia yesterday
2020-11-01 Australia records zero Covid-19 cases for first time in five months

Locally-transmitted cases have dropped to zero and one state is hopeful for a "normal Christmas".

2020-10-31 Coronavirus: Hungary and Poland see record cases

Hungary and Poland are the latest countries to see record cases, as Europe grapples with a second wave.

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