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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2021-04-07 EMA finds possible link for AstraZeneca and rare cases of blood clots, platelets
2021-04-06 Covid-19 vaccination: India ramps up vaccines as daily cases hit 100,000

The world's biggest inoculation drive aims to cover 250 million people by July.

2021-04-04 France reports three new cases of thrombosis, more deaths after AstraZeneca jabs
2021-04-02 India Covid: Maharashtra to go into lockdown unless cases fall

Maharashtra's chief minister says the state's health system could soon become "inadequate".

2021-03-31 Germany restricts use of AstraZeneca vaccine to over 60s in most cases
2021-03-31 Germany restricts use of AstraZeneca vaccine to over 60s in most cases
2021-03-29 Brisbane lockdown: Australian city to shut down over seven cases

The Australian city of about two million people is to enter a snap three-day lockdown.

2021-03-22 India coronavirus: Experts say sharp rise in Covid-19 cases 'alarming'

India added more than 250,000 new Covid cases last week - a record spike since the start of the year.

2021-03-19 Covid: Germany warns of 'exponential' rise in coronavirus cases

Health Minister Jens Spahn says Europe does not have enough vaccines to prevent a third wave.

2021-03-18 New Brunswick monitoring more than 40 cases of unknown neurological disease
2021-03-18 Study: One in five Covid-19 cases do not get immunity
2021-03-17 Covid in Europe: Vaccine suspension hits rollout as cases rise

As several countries pause the AstraZeneca jab, six reporters explain what is happening across Europe.

2021-03-17 Australia to send Papua New Guinea vaccines as cases surge

With rising infection rates, Papua New Guinea's fragile healthcare system is under pressure.

2021-03-14 Tesla factory reported hundreds of Covid-19 cases after reopening
2021-03-10 DNA software used in hundreds of cases faces legal scrutiny
2021-02-26 How did India go from 90k cases per day to just over 10k
2021-02-21 Covid: WHO pleads with Tanzania to start reporting cases

Tanzania is one of the few countries in the world to not publish data on Covid-19 cases.

2021-02-20 Russia Reports First Cases of H5N8 Bird Flu in Humans
2021-02-20 Russia reports first human cases of H5N8 bird flu
2021-02-16 India’s dramatic fall in virus cases leaves experts stumped
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