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Date Title
2021-04-08 FDA approves first test of CRISPR for genetic defect causing sickle cell disease
2021-04-06 FDA approves new ADHD drug for children
2021-04-03 FDA slams “Real Water” linked to liver failure; water plant manager MIA
2021-04-02 FDA slams “Real Water” linked to liver failure
2021-03-03 Enzyme (YC S17) Is Hiring Ruby and Elixir Engineers to Speed Up FDA Approval
2021-02-28 FDA authorizes one-dose Covid-19 vaccine
2021-02-28 Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine: FDA approves single-shot jab

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, made by Belgian firm Janssen, is the third jab authorised in the US.

2021-02-27 FDA advisory panel endorses Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine for emergency use
2021-02-24 Johnson and Johnson vaccine: FDA finds the single-shot jab safe

US regulators say Johnson and Johnson's single-shot vaccine is safe, and could be approved in days.

2021-02-01 How we develop FDA-compliant machine learning algorithms
2021-01-26 FDA approves first monthly injectable to treat HIV infection
2021-01-15 FDA blindsided as Trump Admin cripples agency on its way out
2021-01-05 'We are way behind': FDA commissioner says US has backlog of 35M vaccines
2021-01-05 FDA Statement on Following the Authorized Dosing Schedules for Covid-19 Vaccines
2020-12-31 FDA Fining Distillers for Making Hand Sanitizer
2020-12-31 Distilleries that made hand sanitizer charged $14k surprise fee by FDA
2020-12-19 FDA grants authorization to Moderna's Covid-19 vaccine
2020-12-19 Moderna Announces FDA Authorization of Moderna Covid-19 Vaccine in U.S.
2020-12-16 FDA authorizes rapid, at-home Covid test kit, costs –$30 with results in 15 min
2020-12-15 FDA Authorizes Ellume as First Over-the-Counter Fully At-Home Test for COVID
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