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Date Title
2021-02-27 Making hibernation work under Linux Lockdown
2021-02-22 Enable hibernation when Lockdown is enabled
2021-02-21 Hurt by Lockdowns, California’s Small Businesses Push to Recall Newsom
2021-02-18 Planet Earth its quietest in decades as lockdowns reduce seismic noise
2021-02-17 Covid: Melbourne lockdown to end after quarantine outbreak controlled

The "circuit-breaker" lockdown was designed to crush a coronavirus breach from hotel quarantine.

2021-02-15 Covid-19: Musician Tarriona Tank reflects on lockdown Mardi Gras

Grammy-nominated jazz singer Tarriona Tank reflects on how New Orleans will miss Mardi Gras this year.

2021-02-14 Covid-19 pandemic: New Zealand's biggest city ordered into lockdown

The move comes after three new local cases of Covid-19 were reported in Auckland.

2021-02-12 Victoria to enter lockdown but Australian Open unaffected

The Australian state of Victoria shuts down over a dozen cases but the Grand Slam will continue.

2021-02-04 “Ambush” Lockdowns in Hong Kong
2021-02-02 20k honey bees took over a tech company’s empty office during lockdown
2021-02-01 Rhino poaching in South Africa falls during Covid-19 lockdown

A 33% year-on-year reduction in the killing of rhino for their horns is linked to Covid-19 lockdowns.

2021-01-31 Illinois mother sues governor after son struggling with lockdown dies by suicide
2021-01-31 Covid: Australian city of Perth goes into snap lockdown after guard tests positive

Schools, bars and gyms close in the Australian city after a guard at a quarantine hotel tests positive.

2021-01-29 Lebanon: Crowds torch government building amidst lockdown unrest

Protests have been taking place over strict lockdown measures, including a total curfew.

2021-01-29 Portugal tightens lockdown as Covid deaths surge

Covid deaths hit a new daily record in Portugal, where non-essential foreign travel has been banned.

2021-01-29 Coronavirus: Crowds torch government building as lockdown unrest continues

More than 100 people are reportedly injured in the city of Tripoli in a fourth night of protests.

2021-01-25 Lebanon's Coronavirus lockdown: 'We can't leave our homes day or night'

People in Lebanon describe the impact of being confined to their homes for 24 hours a day.

2021-01-21 Coronavirus: French students promised one euro lockdown meals

It follows nationwide protests in which students called for more help and support in the pandemic.

2021-01-18 US Capitol lockdown: Security scare ahead of Biden inauguration

The city is on edge after the riots at the Congress building in which five people died.

2021-01-12 Covid: Eyesight risk warning from lockdown screen time

More than a third of people using screens more in lockdown reported eyesight changes, a study suggests.

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