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Date Title
2021-03-03 Ronny Jackson: Ex-White House doctor denies drinking on the job

Ronny Jackson, congressman and former doctor to US presidents, has disputed a report alleging misdeeds

2021-03-01 Covid: The front-line doctor photographing the pandemic

Dr Scott Kobner has been documenting the fight to save lives in America's worst-hit county.

2021-02-28 Doctor joins Zoom court hearing while operating on patient

Medical officials in California say they will investigate surgeon Scott Green.

2021-02-18 Doctors Want to Pick Their Corona Vaccine, Fearing Reactions, Lower Efficacy
2021-02-17 Peru vaccine scandal: Ex-president asked for early jab, doctors says

A doctor testifies to lawmakers, deepening a scandal over officials receiving vaccines out of turn.

2021-02-05 Doctor who treated Navalny after poisoning dies
2021-02-04 Doctors hail first face and double hand transplant

Joe DiMeo suffered severe burns in a car crash and says the operations offer him a "second chance".

2021-02-01 Doctor Do-Little – The Case Against Anthony Fauci
2021-01-30 Cory Doctorow: IP
2021-01-29 Cory Doctorow – Understanding /r/wallstreetbets
2021-01-18 Yemen: The doctor alone in a Covid-ravaged hospital

As war-torn Yemen braces itself for a second wave of Covid-19, one doctor tells her story of battling the pandemic alone after her colleagues fled.

2021-01-16 EFF, Cory Doctorow warn about the dangers of de-platforming and censorship
2021-01-16 Texas trauma doctor says post-Covid lungs are more damaged than smokers'
2021-01-15 German sports doctor jailed over blood doping scandal

Mark Schmidt masterminded an international doping ring exposed by police in "Operation Aderlass".

2021-01-13 Is seeing your doctor on online working?

The coronavirus pandemic has helped spark a boom in virtual doctor's visits.

2021-01-10 Mortality rate for Black babies plummets when they’re delivered by Black doctors
2021-01-08 Over 100 Scientists and Doctors Call for Increased Vitamin D to Combat Covid-19
2021-01-06 US doctor forgives $650k in medical bills for cancer patients
2021-01-06 Doctor Who HiFive – Inventor Coding Kit
2021-01-05 US doctor forgives $650,000 in medical bills for cancer patients

The Arkansas oncologist said the pandemic had left many of his patients struggling to pay.

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