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2021-05-18 Doctors fear Covid-19 vaccines are messing with mammograms
2021-05-13 Bose built the first FDA-cleared hearing aids that won't require a doctor visit
2021-05-12 Why is this French doctor throwing away vaccines?

France has had a low uptake of the AstraZeneca vaccine which is creating stockpiles of the drug.

2021-05-10 Russian top doctor who treated Navalny emerges from forest

The ex-hospital chief whose team treated Putin critic Alexei Navalny went missing, but is safe now.

2021-05-08 Junior doctors in India's Covid crisis: 'We've grown up really fast'

Covid cases in Pankti's home state increased eight-fold in her first month as a medical intern.

2021-05-05 Doctors investigate mystery brain disease in Canada
2021-05-05 Doctors investigate mystery brain disease in Canada

Dozens of people in New Brunswick are showing symptoms of the devastating new condition.

2021-04-30 Stephen Karanja: Kenyan anti-vaccine doctor dies from Covid-19

Dr Stephen Karanja repeatedly said that the jab was "totally unnecessary".

2021-04-30 Venezuela celebrates as 'doctor of the poor' beatified

José Gregorio Hernández treated the poor in the country during the Spanish flu pandemic a century ago.

2021-04-27 India Covid: 'Sister help us, doctor help us – you’re God'

What it's like working in an emergency room in India, as its devastating second Covid wave continues.

2021-04-25 Stanford's 'explainable AI' surpassed doctors at chest x-ray interpretation
2021-04-24 Am I Doctor Stallman?
2021-04-22 A Doctor’s Dark Year
2021-04-18 Sindi van Zyl: The 'people's doctor' who revealed her own struggles

South Africans are mourning Dr Sindi van Zyl who helped thousands through her social media work.

2021-04-17 Putin critic Navalny could 'die within days', say doctors

Alexei Navalny is on day 18 of a hunger strike over his medical treatment in a Russian jail.

2021-04-14 'My mother's fertility doctor is my father'

When a DNA test revealed a decades-old family secret, Maia’s life was turned upside down.

2021-04-11 South Korea's dangerous ghost doctors are putting patients' lives at risk
2021-04-07 India Covid-19: 'No end in sight' as doctors battle second wave

Indian doctors say they are already feeling overwhelmed as Covid cases rise sharply in the country.

2021-04-04 How Doctors Die (2013)
2021-03-30 The untold story of the doctor who fuelled a drug crisis
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