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Date Title
2021-09-06 Ethereum's Metamask now has 8 million users on Google Chrome alone
2021-09-06 Media trust hits new low
2021-09-05 What election losers tell us about Indian democracy

Thousands of parties contest Indian polls but the rising participation masks a murky underbelly.

2021-09-05 Doctors should be allowed to give priority to vaccinated patients
2021-09-05 Hospital Vaccine Mandates Threaten Staffing Shortages
2021-09-05 Nielsen’s National Ratings Accreditation Suspended by Media Rating Council
2021-09-05 Australian police using QR code contact tracing app checkin data
2021-09-05 Rolling Stone 'Horse Dewormer' Hit-Piece Debunked After Hospital Says No ODs
2021-09-05 Bosses turn to ‘tattleware’ to keep tabs on employees working from home
2021-09-05 The Global Supply Chain Crisis, as Told by One Stuck Box of Fertilizer
2021-09-05 Lots of supply chain problems – and they're nowhere close to being solved
2021-09-05 COVID-19 vaccine wastage data from the CDC
2021-09-05 CDC advisors raise concerns about 'over-vaccination'
2021-09-05 Doctors advise against intensive sport after Covid vaccination
2021-09-04 The Masks Were Working All Along
2021-09-04 Ivermectin: Oklahoma doctor warns against using unproven Covid drug

People are arriving at US hospitals after overdosing in the unproven belief it can treat Covid.

2021-09-04 Afghanistan: Former vice-president tells BBC he's in Panjshir Valley

Amrullah Saleh, in the Panjshir Valley, tells the BBC that fighters face a "difficult" situation.

2021-09-04 Doctors and pharmacists ramp up calls for Americans to stop using ivermectin
2021-09-04 Giruses: large viruses that straddle the border of life and non-life [video]
2021-09-04 CDC Finds over 83 Percent of Americans Had Covid Antibodies Before Delta Surge
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