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2020-09-09 Maxim Znak: 'Masked men' seize opposition figure in Belarus

Maxim Znak, 39, is one of the last remaining high-profile opposition figures in Belarus.

2020-09-09 India coronavirus: Rumours stall testing in Punjab

People are refusing to get tested in India's Punjab state as rumours fly about the coronavirus.

2020-09-09 Amazon: In the cross-hairs of coronavirus and forest fires

People living in the Brazilian Amazon are facing the twin dangers of the coronavirus and forest fires.

2020-09-08 A New Theory Asks: Could a Mask Be a Crude ‘Vaccine’
2020-09-08 The coronavirus is mutating – does it matter?
2020-09-08 Covid-19 may cause prolonged gut infection–stool may test pos/resp sample neg
2020-09-08 Coronavirus: Oxford University vaccine trial paused after participant falls ill

AstraZeneca describes the pause in its keenly-awaited final clinical trials as routine.

2020-09-08 Who is the Australian woman arrested for her Facebook post?
2020-09-08 Really Remote Learning: Students Climb Trees and Travel Miles for a Cell Signal
2020-09-08 A Content Analysis of Coronavirus Tweets in the US Just Prior to the Pandemic
2020-09-08 AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine study put on hold due to suspected adverse reaction
2020-09-08 Covid vaccine makers commit to not seek approval until complete Phase III trials
2020-09-08 Tech firms face growing resentment of parent employees during Covid-19
2020-09-08 Genetic and non-genetic associations with Covid-19 susceptibility and severity
2020-09-08 Coronavirus: Pharma firms unveil safety pledge over vaccine

A group of nine industry giants said they would uphold scientific standards while finding a vaccine.

2020-09-08 Dentists Are Seeing an Epidemic of Cracked Teeth. What’s Going On?
2020-09-08 Coronavirus: 60k may have ‘long Covid’ for more than three months – UK study
2020-09-08 Contagion Externality of a Superspreading Event: Sturgis Bike Rally and COVID19 [pdf]
2020-09-08 Ashleigh Barty: French Open champion pulls out of 2020 tournament over coronavirus

The Australian cites health risks and lack of preparation as the reasons she won't be defending her Grand Slam title.

2020-09-08 Presidential rivals Trump and Biden spar over Covid-19 vaccine

Trump accuses Biden of "reckless rhetoric" while the Democrat questions whether the president can be trusted.

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