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Date Title
2021-07-20 DNA Has Four Bases. Some Viruses Swap in a Fifth
2021-07-19 Covid: False and misleading health claims spread in Indonesia

As Indonesia undergoes a dramatic Covid surge, unproven and misleading health claims are spreading.

2021-07-19 Tokyo Olympics: Athletes find new ways to train in lockdown

Participants in the upcoming Games have been going to unusual lengths to stay in shape under restrictions.

2021-07-19 Dr. Scott Gottlieb says US ‘vastly underestimating’ level of Covid delta spread
2021-07-19 Ivermectin Covid-19 Scandal Shows How Vulnerable Science Is to Fraud
2021-07-19 Global shares slide amid Covid economic recovery fears

Stock markets in the UK, the US and Europe fall on concerns that rising cases may impede a recovery.

2021-07-19 Children are spoofing Covid-19 tests with soft drinks
2021-07-19 Covid vaccination centres vandalised in France

The incidents came on a weekend of mass protests against the French government's new Covid rules.

2021-07-19 Katie Hopkins to be deported from Australia over quarantine rules

Katie Hopkins - a right-wing British commentator - bragged about plans to break isolation rules.

2021-07-19 The Panic Pandemic
2021-07-18 Covid: Global healthcare workers missing out on jabs

Campaigners say millions have not had even one vaccine dose, raising concerns for their communities.

2021-07-18 Nigeria's security crises - five different threats

Almost every part of Nigeria is facing a security crisis - from kidnapping to extremist insurgencies.

2021-07-18 Covid: Is China's vaccine success waning in Asia?

Thailand and Indonesia's switch to other Covid jabs has raised questions about Chinese vaccines.

2021-07-18 The Thermocline of Truth
2021-07-18 Covid-19's Effects on Kids Are Even Stranger Than We Thought
2021-07-18 Covid-19: Ireland's top medical officers targeted by abusive calls

Gardaí are investigating reports of abusive calls to Ireland's chief medical officer and his deputy.

2021-07-18 Florida's fired Covid-19 data manager is now running for Congress
2021-07-18 Africa’s Covid Crisis Deepens, but Vaccines Are Still Far Off
2021-07-18 Tahoe's hiring crisis is unraveling small businesses during its busiest season
2021-07-18 Right or Left, You Should Be Worried About Big Tech Censorship [Cory Doctorow]
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