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2023-05-23 'Comfort women': Last known Taiwanese survivor dies at 92

Activists estimate 200,000 people were forced into sexual slavery by Japan's forces in World War Two.

2023-05-17 G7 summit: Taiwan looms large as Japan prepares to host leaders

As China becomes more assertive, Taiwan's security has become a growing concern for Japan.

2023-05-12 Dwight Howard: Ex-NBA star's Taiwan comment sparks anger in China

Dwight Howard referred to Taiwan as a "country" in a promotional video - a status China rejects.

2023-04-12 Macron on Taiwan: 'An ally not a vassal', says France leader

The French leader says his country should not get caught up in escalation between the US and China.

2023-04-11 Taiwan bear badge punches back after China drills

The badge depicts a Taiwanese black bear punching Winnie the Pooh, who often symbolises Xi Jinping.

2023-04-10 China-Taiwan: How Beijing calibrates its Taiwan response

Beijing has again carried out drills but the island's upcoming election has tempered their intensity.

2023-04-10 China-Taiwan: Aircraft carrier 'seals off' island on third day of drills

Beijing's military simulates further attacks after President Tsai met US House Speaker McCarthy.

2023-04-09 US urges China to show restraint amid Taiwan drills

The US said it is 'monitoring Beijing's actions' after a visit to California by Taiwan's president.

2023-04-08 Chinese military rehearses encirclement of Taiwan

The exercises began hours after Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen returned from a trip to the US.

2023-04-08 China conducts military drills around Taiwan Island

On land, by sea and in the air - pictures released by China's state broadcaster show military drills around Taiwan.

2023-04-05 Terry Gou: Foxconn founder in fresh run for Taiwan presidency

Terry Gou is aiming to be nominated from the Kuomintang, which traditionally favours close ties with China.

2023-04-04 Is Taiwan in danger of being loved to death?

President Tsai Ing-wen will meet the US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as tensions soar between US and China.

2023-04-04 US Speaker confirms meeting with Taiwan's Tsai despite China warnings

Beijing has warned Washington it views such a meeting to be a provocation.

2023-03-30 Taiwan's Tsai arrives in US to warnings from China of 'serious confrontation'

Beijing said the Taiwan leader's stopovers on her Central America trip risked "serious confrontation".

2023-03-28 Baboon's death after two-week hunt sparks outcry in Taiwan

The escaped animal had been on the loose for weeks, prompting an island-wide search.

2023-03-17 Taiwan charges ex-MP and former admiral with spying for China

The pair are accused of organising free trips to mainland China for 48 retired military officers.

2023-03-15 Taiwan ally Honduras seeks diplomatic switch to China

The island will have formal diplomatic ties with only 13 countries if Honduras switches.

2023-02-17 Taiwan finds crash site of suspected Chinese weather balloon

The balloon crashed on an island and Taiwan says there is no cause to "jump to conclusions".

2023-01-06 US warship sails through Taiwan Strait

China accused the US of “escalating tensions” with the voyage of the USS Chung-Hoon

2023-01-04 China-Taiwan: Concern at repair of Taiwanese military device in China

Taiwan's missile developer said it did not believe there had been any leak of information.

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