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2021-01-13 Kelly Craft: US cancels top envoy's visit to Taiwan

The trip planned by Donald Trump's outgoing administration had infuriated China.

2021-01-10 Pompeo lifts US-Taiwan restrictions
2021-01-10 Pompeo lifts 'self-imposed restrictions' on U.S.-Taiwan relationship
2021-01-10 Lifting Self-Imposed Restrictions on the U.S.-Taiwan Relationship
2021-01-09 Pompeo: US to lift restrictions on contacts with Taiwan

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says contact between officials should no longer be "shackled".

2021-01-06 Stuck in Taiwan, a Brit spearheads campaign to clean up river

Peter Lowe noticed the problem after getting stuck in Taiwan during the pandemic.

2021-01-02 Morris Chang, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, Engineering Hero Lecture
2021-01-01 The World's current and next Innovations depend on a single country, Taiwan
2020-12-28 Taiwan Has Applied for Their Own U.S. Pre-Clearance Facility at Taoyuan Airport
2020-12-24 Airline fires pilot blamed for Taiwan's first Covid case in months

A contact of the pilot tested positive - the first local case since April.

2020-12-24 The growing peril of war with China over Taiwan
2020-12-10 China launches ‘gray-zone’ warfare to subdue Taiwan
2020-12-04 The Question: Why Didn't Mao Invade Taiwan?
2020-11-27 Taiwan lawmakers throw pig guts and punches

Taiwan's opposition legislators exchanged blows in a heated row over the easing of US pork imports.

2020-11-27 Pig guts fly as Taiwan lawmakers brawl over US pork imports

Opposition legislators hurled the intestines in a bitter dispute over the easing of US pork imports.

2020-11-22 Taiwan protesters march against US pork imports

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Taipei in Taiwan.

2020-11-14 Taiwan air force chief joins F-5 test flight after fatal crash

All the island's ageing F-5 fighter jets were grounded after a pilot died in a crash last month.

2020-11-12 Taiwan Stopped Covid-19’s Spread, but Can’t Talk About It at WHO Meeting
2020-11-06 Taiwan teen woken from 62-day coma by words 'chicken fillet'
2020-10-30 Taiwan's military includes same-sex couples in wedding for first time

The Taiwanese military says their inclusion shows its "enlightened" and "progressive" attitude.

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