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Date Title
2021-09-19 Patient Advocacy Groups, Industry Funding, and Conflicts of Interest (2017)
2021-09-19 Many small and medium businesses survived the pandemic by going digital
2021-09-19 An appeal for an objective, open, transparent debate re: the origin of Covid-19
2021-09-19 Bats in Laos Caves Harbor Closest Relatives to Covid-19 Virus
2021-09-19 Turkmenistan: Getting Covid in a land where no cases officially exist

People in Turkmenistan are struggling to get treatment in a system that denies there are any cases.

2021-09-19 Big gap between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines for preventing Covid hospitalizations
2021-09-18 Florida official dies of Covid – and takes GOP software secrets with him
2021-09-18 Excision's CRISPR HIV therapy is heading into human testing after FDA clearance
2021-09-18 The Pandemic Caused a Baby Bust, Not a Boom
2021-09-18 Afghanistan: Girls excluded as Afghan secondary schools reopen

"Everything looks very dark," a schoolgirl tells the BBC as schools reopen for boys but not girls.

2021-09-18 Evergrande Crisis Rattles Economy
2021-09-18 Kenya's CBC education reform: How scarecrows are terrifying parents

A new school curriculum means challenging tasks end up being performed by parents not their children.

2021-09-18 Why Covid-19 immunity passports may violate US law (2020)
2021-09-17 Israel data shows third Covid shot restores protection from infection to 95%
2021-09-17 Covid in California: S.F. mayor goes maskless at Tenderloin nightclub
2021-09-17 SF Mayor violates strict mask mandate, which city has yet to soften
2021-09-17 Covid vaccines protect against Delta, but their effectiveness wanes
2021-09-17 FDA panel rejects plan to administer Pfizer’s booster doses to general public
2021-09-17 Vaccine Mandates Can’t Stop Covid’s Spread
2021-09-17 Facebook terminates ca. 150 accounts of Germany's largest Covid sceptic movement
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