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2023-05-12 Cities far from US-Mexico border still grapple with migrant crisis

More than 8,000 migrants have arrived in Chicago in recent months and the city is struggling to cope.

2023-05-12 Portuguese parliament votes to allow limited euthanasia

Doctors can now help people suffering from incurable diseases or severe injuries to end their lives.

2023-05-12 Dwight Howard: Ex-NBA star's Taiwan comment sparks anger in China

Dwight Howard referred to Taiwan as a "country" in a promotional video - a status China rejects.

2023-05-11 Peloton recalls 2 million bikes over injury risk

It is the second major recall for the bike company which soared to popularity during the pandemic.

2023-05-10 Imran Khan: Why was the former Pakistan PM arrested?

The former prime minister's dramatic arrest has escalated political turmoil in crisis-hit Pakistan.

2023-05-10 FDA panel backs first over-the-counter birth control pill in US

The committee's recommendation means the agency is likely to formally approve the drug this summer.

2023-05-09 Title 42: The pandemic-era border policy explained

Trump imposed it and Biden supported it. Now the restrictive rule is about to be lifted.

2023-05-09 Sudan crisis: Number of internally displaced rises to more than 700,000

The number of people internally displaced by fighting has more than doubled in a week, the UN says.

2023-05-07 Sudan crisis: Mediators over a barrel in mission to end fighting

The dilemma for those trying to bring peace to Sudan and why it will be so hard to end the fighting.

2023-05-07 Sudan fighting: Student engineer electrocuted fixing power in Darfur clinic

He was among volunteers who had reopened a medical facility that had shut amid clashes and looting.

2023-05-07 Watch the King's Coronation side by side with his mother's

Watch to see what's changed since 1953 and what's stayed the same.

2023-05-06 New York failed Jordan Neely, homeless advocates say

The 30-year-old's death on the subway after being held in a chokehold renews calls for support.

2023-05-05 US FDA recalls over 500,000 Covid tests over bacteria risk

The FDA said the liquid solution in some Pilot Covid-19 At-Home Tests may pose safety concerns.

2023-05-05 US job creation robust despite banking crisis

Employers in the US added 253,000 jobs in April as the labour market held up better than expected.

2023-05-05 Drought prompts French ban on garden swimming pools

Pyrénées-Orientales will be officially declared at drought "crisis" level from 10 May.

2023-05-05 Covid global health emergency is over, WHO says

Close to 20 million people are likely to have died during the last three years, says the WHO.

2023-05-04 Polarised politics are tearing Pakistan apart

Amid unprecedented crisis, Pakistan's leaders are locked in a power struggle. What will happen?

2023-05-04 Covid: China tourism rebounds above pre-pandemic levels

Domestic travel in the country jumped sharply during the five-day May Day break.

2023-05-03 Can Morocco solve Europe’s energy crisis?

Morocco plans to send renewable energy to Europe, but some want it to save it for its home market.

2023-05-03 King Charles' coronation: How would it happen in Ghana?

Ghana is very familiar with lavish royal ceremonies filled with ritual.

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