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Date Title
2020-11-27 Coronavirus: Calls in Denmark to dig up millions of dead mink

The hasty mass burial of animals infected with coronavirus was declared illegal.

2020-11-27 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Fears of a march into guerrilla warfare

The government is hoping for a quick victory in Tigray but it may not be that simple.

2020-11-27 Can a ninja’s life teach us about staying safe in a pandemic?

Genichi is the first student from a Japanese university with a master’s degree in ninja studies.

2020-11-27 Quarantine May Negatively Affect Kids’ Immune Systems
2020-11-26 Is the era of the Hollywood blockbuster over?

Has Covid put an end to big budget film-making, or will busy cinemas in Asia give Hollywood hope?

2020-11-26 Over 2,400 US Covid deaths in 24 hours, a six-month high
2020-11-26 Colorado County Refuses to Enforce Lockdowns as Civil Disobedience Spreads
2020-11-26 Dutch city uses algorithm to assess home value, but has no idea how it works
2020-11-26 Why Is All Covid-19 News Bad News?
2020-11-26 The major genetic risk factor for severe Covid-19 is inherited from Neanderthals
2020-11-26 Cancelled prom pictures win £15,000 Taylor Wessing portrait prize

Alys Tomlinson's Lost Summer features school leavers denied their proms by the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-11-26 How fear and disgust drive consumer behavior
2020-11-26 Brazil's full DB of Covid tests and patient PII leaked
2020-11-26 It’s not just you – work psychologist confirms Covid-19 made jobs suckier
2020-11-26 Covid: Pakistan cricket squad quarantined after positive tests in New Zealand

The whole squad is quarantined following six positives, after some members "contravened protocols".

2020-11-26 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: PM declares assault on regional capital Mekelle

PM Abiy Ahmed says the military will try not to harm civilians and urged people to stay at home.

2020-11-26 Covid-19: US Supreme Court backs religious groups over New York caps

It is one of the first major rulings since conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett joined the court.

2020-11-26 How Buffett Is Hedging Against the Endless Pandemic
2020-11-26 Denver Mayor Michael Hancock ignores own Thanksgiving travel advice

Michael Hancock urged residents to stay at home, before admitting he travelled to Mississippi.

2020-11-26 Dead mink infected with mutated form of Covid rise from graves after culling
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