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Date Title
2023-03-23 Masked man with loaded gun stopped from entering Florida strip club

Security guards fight off the man in Tampa, Florida, possibly preventing a mass shooting, police say.

2022-11-28 China Covid: Chinese TV censors shots of maskless World Cup fans

As anti-lockdown protests rock China, state TV tries to hide a world moving on from Covid.

2022-09-23 Hong Kong Covid: Double-masked flautists in ad spark ridicule

The video was released a day after authorities had earlier announced extensions to Covid restrictions.

2022-09-07 New York state ends 28-month mask mandate on public transport

Masks will no longer be required on public transport, in airports or ride-share vehicles.

2022-08-26 Chinese outcry after volleyballers wear N95 masks during match

China's Volleyball Association later apologised, saying the decision was due to "lack of experience".

2022-06-08 Belgian royals in DR Congo: King Phillipe returns looted mask

It is the first of 84,000 colonial objects Belgian authorities have agreed to give back.

2022-05-23 North Korea's Kim Jong-un is seen at state funeral not wearing a mask

The North Korean leader attends the funeral of a top military official as the country faces a Covid outbreak.

2022-05-11 Covid mask rules relaxed for EU air travel

Masks will no longer have to be worn on EU flights and in airports from next Monday, new guidance says.

2022-04-21 Rudy Giuliani revealed on The Masked Singer TV show

The appearance of Donald Trump's former lawyer prompted one of the show's judges to walk off.

2022-04-18 US judge throws out Biden mask mandate for planes and trains

A federal judge in Florida, appointed by Donald Trump, says the CDC exceeded its authority.

2022-03-17 Covid: Why US students are staging walkouts over masks

Schools across the US are dropping mask mandates - but students are divided over the issue.

2022-03-14 Police are hunting a masked gunman targeting homeless people while they sleep

Five have been shot in nine days in New York and Washington - all with the same "modus operandi".

2022-01-21 American Airlines plane turns around mid-flight over mask row

An American Airlines plane bound for London turns around because a passenger refused to wear a mask.

2021-12-22 Spain to require masks outdoors amid Covid surge

As the Omicron variant spreads around Europe, countries tighten restrictions to brace for another wave.

2021-11-11 Judge says Texas school mask mandate ban violates disabled student rights

A US judge said the ban cannot be enforced as it violates the federal rights of disabled students.

2021-10-15 Norwegian signals end of face mask requirement on Scandinavian flights
2021-10-14 “Hacker X”–the American who built a pro-Trump fake news empire–unmasks himself
2021-09-29 Students create open-source application for controlling masks in closed spaces
2021-09-28 Masked email from Fastmail and 1Password
2021-09-26 Schools without mask mandates are more likely to have Covid-19 outbreaks
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