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Date Title
2020-11-21 Trends in Covid-19 Incidence in Kansas Counties with and Without a Mask Mandate
2020-11-19 Photos show California Gov. Newsom at maskless party
2020-11-18 Danish Study Questions Use of Masks to Protect Wearers
2020-11-18 Effectiveness of Mask Recommendation to Prevent SARS-CoV-2 (Randomized trial)
2020-11-17 US senators Sherrod Brown and Dan Sullivan clash over face masks in chamber

Democrat Sherrod Brown asked Republican Dan Sullivan to put on his mask while speaking in the chamber.

2020-11-16 Fauci cautions that a Covid-19 vaccine won't eliminate the need for masks
2020-11-13 Twenty different masks tested. Here's what will best protect during the pandemic
2020-11-11 CDC says masks protect wearers from Covid-19
2020-11-07 Cloth/disposable masks have no effect on exercise performance in healthy people
2020-11-06 Face masks and gloves found on 30% of UK beaches in clean-up
2020-11-04 A Transparent Face Mask Takes Off Amid Covid-19
2020-11-03 Chinese firm moves from adult diapers to face masks

Daddybaby has been given approval by British standards agency and EU to provide protective equipment.

2020-11-02 Unmasking the Pyramid Kings - Crowd1 scam targets Africa

Behind the promises and the hype, Crowd1 hides some ugly truths, some wealthy scammers, and a whole pyramid of lies.

2020-10-26 Delta has banned 460 anti-maskers
2020-09-26 ICYMI: Bike race bar crawls and a unique face mask

Some of the stories you may have missed this week.

2020-09-25 Face masks could be giving people Covid-19 immunity, researchers suggest
2020-09-24 Stanley Kubrick's 'Eyes Wide Shut': Behind the Mask of Corruption
2020-09-24 Missouri governor, opponent of mandatory masks, has Covid-19
2020-09-19 HP Nanoprocessor part II: Reverse-engineering the circuits from the masks
2020-09-17 Masks May Do More Than We Think (With Dr. Monica Gandhi) [video]
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