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Date Title
2021-02-22 How ‘Unlock with Apple Watch’ While Wearing a Face Mask Works in iOS 14.5
2021-02-15 Covid: Should we double mask face coverings?

There’s a lot of choice about which type of face covering to wear – and in some countries the advice is changing.

2021-02-14 Researchers propose that humidity from masks may lessen severity of Covid-19
2021-02-11 MetaMask Wallet is Profiting Over $170k Per Day
2021-02-10 Can’t Find an N95 Mask? This Company Has 30M That It Can’t Sell
2021-01-26 Covid: The migrant helping Australia with modified masks

When Manmeet Kaur began giving away masks, she realised many people would relish a different design.

2021-01-23 President Biden to use Defense Production Act for masks, vaccines
2021-01-22 White House: Biden wore no mask as 'he was celebrating'

The White House spokeswoman is asked why President Biden wore no mask at an inauguration engagement.

2021-01-20 Goodbye Masks? This $199 Futuristic Helmet Has Its Own HEPA Filter and Fan
2021-01-17 On re-use of FFP2 masks
2021-01-16 CDC now says valved N95 has better source control than cloth/surgical masks [pdf]
2021-01-15 Razer N95 masks. Is this what our future looks like?
2021-01-14 Of course Razer's face mask has RGB lighting and voice amplification
2021-01-13 Bruce Willis admits 'error of judgement' over face mask

The Die Hard actor was reportedly asked to leave an LA store for refusing to wear a face covering.

2021-01-13 Bruce Willis asked to leave pharmacy for refusing to wear a mask
2021-01-13 Razer has created a concept N95 mask with RGB and voice projection
2021-01-13 Is this the world's smartest face mask?

Gaming company Razer claims to have made the world's most technologically advanced mask

2021-01-07 Facial recognition identifies people wearing masks

NEC developed the system in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

2020-12-30 Unmasking Graham Greene
2020-12-28 The Army’s Official Face Mask to Be Issued to New Soldiers in 2021
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