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Date Title
2021-02-23 Mass Layoffs Said to Hit Terrafugia Weeks After Its Flying Car Was FAA-Approved
2020-09-29 Disney to layoff 28,000 employees as coronavirus slams its theme park business
2020-09-14 Feds: IBM did discriminate against older workers in making layoffs
2020-08-30 Germany eyes a four-day week to help prevent mass layoffs
2020-08-23 Mozilla's Speech-to-Text Engine Is at Risk Following Layoffs
2020-08-20 Why Mozilla's layoffs and Google deal made me rethink my browser of choice
2020-08-19 Thunderbird email client survives Mozilla layoffs
2020-08-16 Mozilla employee on layoffs and why servo was not meant to replace gecko
2020-08-13 “Much” of the Rust/Wasmtime team hit by layoffs at Mozilla
2020-07-29 As the Pandemic Forced Layoffs, C.E.O.s Gave Up Little
2020-07-17 Microsoft Layoffs Confirmed Across Its Divisions
2020-07-17 Airbnb Was Like a Family, Until the Layoffs Started
2020-07-14 Vox Media preparing round of layoffs as business fails to improve
2020-06-26 Airbnb Layoffs Expose Inequities in a Two-Tiered Workforce
2020-06-01 Behind tech layoffs lay systemic cash flow negative companies
2020-05-28 Mozilla CEO says layoffs needed amid shift from browser
2020-05-23 Many jobs may vanish forever as layoffs mount
2020-05-19 Office Depot Layoffs: 13,100 Jobs Cut, Store Closures, and Distribution Centers
2020-05-06 'Job Creating' Sprint T-Mobile Merger Triggers Estimated 6k Non-Covid Layoffs
2020-05-05 Uber CEO Says Layoff Decision to Be Announced Within Two Weeks
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