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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

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2020-11-28 Coronavirus lockdown sees share of women on India's stock market rise

With more time and flexibility, thousands of women are trading in the stock market for the first time.

2020-11-27 As thousands of athletes get coronavirus tests, nurses wonder: What about us?
2020-11-27 Coronavirus: Pandas leave Canada for China's bamboo

Calgary Zoo had to send the two Chinese pandas home early after the pandemic hit bamboo supplies.

2020-11-27 Thanksgiving: Millions celebrate in shadow of coronavirus

Despite restrictions, some traditions have continued - including New York City's Thanksgiving parade.

2020-11-27 Getting 'crushed' on Melbourne's path to coronavirus success

By one measure the city has just eliminated the virus, but relieved locals also fear a hidden cost.

2020-11-27 Coronavirus: Calls in Denmark to dig up millions of dead mink

The hasty mass burial of animals infected with coronavirus was declared illegal.

2020-11-26 Coronavirus pandemic: Germany seeks EU deal to close ski resorts

Germany and Italy want slopes closed until January, but the EU is yet to reach an agreement.

2020-11-26 Coronavirus and gender: More chores for women set back gains in equality

Women take on the burden of unpaid chores during Covid, UN data shows, threatening gender equality.

2020-11-25 Governors take heat for violating their own coronavirus restrictions
2020-11-25 Coronavirus: How Europeans are preparing for Christmas and New Year

Measures designed to contain the coronavirus pandemic will change how millions of people celebrate.

2020-11-25 Coronavirus: French lockdown highlights small business struggles

The online giant has postponed Black Friday in France after pressure from the government.

2020-11-24 Coronavirus: French lockdown to ease after 'second peak passed'

Shops and cinemas will reopen and families will get to spend Christmas together, President Macron says.

2020-11-24 Coronavirus: Millions travel for Thanksgiving despite warnings

Americans appear to disregard health officials' warnings as airports are their busiest since March.

2020-11-24 Coronavirus: The agonising Thanksgiving dilemma facing millions of Americans

We asked Americans from across the country how they plan on spending Thanksgiving amid a pandemic.

2020-11-23 Mask Mandates Work to Slow Spread of Coronavirus, Kansas Study Finds
2020-11-22 Santa Claus Immune to Coronavirus
2020-11-22 The coronavirus pandemic 'great reset' theory and a false vaccine claim debunked

We unpick some of this week's misleading claims about the pandemic and the coronavirus vaccine.

2020-11-21 Donald Trump Jr tests positive for coronavirus

The president's son, who is 42, is quarantining after being diagnosed this week, his spokesman says.

2020-11-21 Coronavirus vaccines: Will any countries get left out?

Experts say the pandemic needs a global solution, but there are concerns over access to vaccines.

2020-11-21 Irish open-air cellist strikes coronavirus lockdown chord

Patrick Dexter films recitals outside his picturesque cottage on Ireland's rural west coast.

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