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2024-04-08 Watch stunning images and best moments from solar eclipse

See moment the Moon completely obscured the Sun, turning day to night and revealing dazzling corona.

2024-04-08 A look inside the Nasa jet chasing the eclipse

Scientists aboard two flights will follow the path of totality to study the Sun's corona.

2024-04-07 Bowen: Obstacles to peace seem larger than ever

The risk of an all-out Middle East war is increasing as the crisis in Gaza grows ever more desperate.

2024-04-06 A tale of two earthquakes: How Taiwan learnt from past disaster

A quarter of a century ago, an earthquake killed 2,400. This week, barely a building fell down - why?

2024-04-05 Police seize luxury goods in fraud raids across EU

A criminal network is suspected of embezzling millions from an EU post-Covid recovery scheme.

2024-04-05 Samsung profits jump by more than 900% on chips

Chip prices recover from a post-pandemic slump while demand for AI-related products booms.

2024-04-04 Boeing pays Alaska Air more than $160m after blowout

The sum to the airline for losses since January reflects the ongoing fallout to Boeing from the crisis.

2024-04-04 'The walls were crumbling' - escaping Taiwan's earthquake

Four people caught in the 7.4 magnitude quake recall the moment it struck and how they survived.

2024-04-04 First man to receive pig kidney transplant leaves hospital

The procedure was hailed as a historic step as doctors tackle a widespread organ donor shortage.

2024-04-04 Taiwan wakes up to aftermath of worst quake in 25 years

More than 90 people are still understood to be trapped in collapsed tunnels and on roads.

2024-04-03 Disney defeats critics after bruising battle

The investor boardroom battle raises difficult questions about whether the Hollywood giant lost its way.

2024-04-03 Watch: Taiwan quake makes waves in rooftop pool

The moment a man swimming in hotel rooftop pool was shaken by the Taiwan earthquake.

2024-04-03 Watch moment 7.4 magnitude earthquake hits Taiwan

Eyewitness video shows buildings leaning at a 45 degree angle in Hualien, near the quake’s epicentre.

2024-04-03 Taiwan hit by biggest earthquake in 25 years

At least four people have died following a powerful 7.4 magnitude quake that struck off the island's east coast.

2024-04-03 Strongest earthquake in 25 years hits Taiwan

The earthquake has set off tsunami warnings in the neighbouring countries of Japan and the Philippines.

2024-04-02 Deadly strike shows aid workers' protection in crisis, agencies say

A UN official and aid workers tell the BBC the deadly incident shows the system is not fit for purpose.

2024-04-01 Crews begin cutting to clear Baltimore bridge wreckage

Efforts are underway to remove debris and reopen the vital port after last week's bridge collapse.

2024-03-31 Is my family still alive? The daily question for Haitians

Haiti has endured crisis after crisis. Now the UN says the Caribbean nation is close to collapse.

2024-03-31 Stop stealing from Air Force One, journalists told

Pillowcases and plates are among items that have reportedly vanished from the US president's plane.

2024-03-30 FDA issues alert on heart pump linked to 49 deaths

The device, which is used to temporarily support a patient's heart, remains on the market in the US.

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