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Date Title
2022-01-07 Lithuania wobbles after daring to defy China

It stood up to China over Taiwan, but this week Lithuania's president said it made a mistake.

2022-01-07 Myanmar coup: The doctors and nurses defying the military

Many healthcare workers have refused to work in state hospitals and are now operating underground.

2022-01-06 Italy Covid: Bullet forces immunologist to get protection

Prof Antonella Viola is given police protection after threats are made against her and her family.

2022-01-06 Covid-19: More than 100 test positive on an Italy-India flight

They were among 179 passengers on the flight from Milan which landed in Amritsar on Wednesday.

2022-01-06 Xi'an: The messy cost of China's Covid lockdown playbook

With stories of starvation and deaths, has anything been learnt from two years of strict measures?

2022-01-06 Taiwan setting up $200m Lithuania fund amid China row

China downgraded its diplomatic relations with Lithuania after Taiwan opened a de facto embassy there.

2022-01-06 Covid-19: India records first death linked to Omicron variant

The 74-year-old man had diabetes and other comorbidities but, reports say, he was fully vaccinated.

2022-01-06 Caviar sales soar as more people get a taste for posh fish eggs

Global producers of caviar say that demand has soared since the first lockdown.

2022-01-06 Ukraine crisis: EU looks for role in Russian row with West

Tensions flare over eastern Ukraine and European leaders fear being frozen out of US-Russia talks.

2022-01-05 Gal Gadot says Imagine video was in poor taste

The actress and fellow Hollywood stars recorded a cover of Imagine at the beginning of the pandemic.

2022-01-05 Taiwan buys 20,000 bottles of Lithuania rum destined for China

Taiwan later urged locals to buy rum, posting recipes for rum-infused cocktails.

2022-01-05 Omicron: Curfew in Delhi as India Covid cases surge

A weekend curfew is imposed and doctors' leave cancelled as the chief minister tests positive.

2022-01-05 Covid: President Macron warns he will 'hassle' France's unvaccinated

The president vows to make life difficult for the unjabbed, but opponents condemn his strong language.

2022-01-04 Winter Olympics: Behind the bubble in Beijing

Have a look at how Beijing is preparing for the Games - with a sealed off area to keep Covid out.

2022-01-04 Yuzhou: Second Chinese city forced into Covid lockdown

Yuzhou, with its population of 1.1 million, is shut down after just three cases are found.

2022-01-04 France's Bogdanoff TV twins die of Covid six days apart

Grichka and Igor Bogdanoff had hosted a TV science and science-fiction show in the 1980s.

2022-01-04 Thailand: Tropical bay from 'The Beach' reopens

Maya Bay, a huge tourist draw, was closed in 2018 amid concerns over environmental damage.

2022-01-04 Covid: US reports record 1m cases with peak still to come

Omicron drives a record-breaking daily tally of new US cases, though deaths remain stable.

2022-01-04 Djokovic gets Covid jab waiver for Australian Open

Novak Djokovic will defend his Australian Open title after receiving a medical exemption from having a Covid-19 vaccination.

2022-01-04 China: Xi'an residents in lockdown trade for food amid shortage

Faced with low supplies under lockdown, some have resorted to bartering phones and gadgets for food.

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