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2022-03-17 Covid-19: Is the world ready for a great re-opening?

We asked our journalists around the world to give us a snapshot of life two years into the pandemic.

2022-03-17 Covid: Why US students are staging walkouts over masks

Schools across the US are dropping mask mandates - but students are divided over the issue.

2022-03-16 Health agency under Cuomo 'misled public' on nursing home deaths

An audit has found the NY health department undercounted nursing home deaths due to covid by 4,100.

2022-03-16 The tragedy of Afghanistan's malnourished children

The country's very youngest are casualties of a hunger crisis.

2022-03-16 New Zealand border to reopen from next month, PM Ardern says

PM Jacinda Ardern says they are 'ready to welcome the world back', beginning with Australians.

2022-03-15 Ukraine war: Hostages as Russian forces occupy hospital, official says

Doctors and patients are prevented from leaving Mariupol's main hospital, the deputy mayor says.

2022-03-15 Suspect arrested in string of shootings targeting homeless

Five people were shot in nine days in New York and Washington - all with the same "modus operandi".

2022-03-15 China: Businesses shut as officials widen Covid lockdowns

Toyota, Volkswagen and Apple supplier Foxconn are among firms halting their operations.

2022-03-14 Police are hunting a masked gunman targeting homeless people while they sleep

Five have been shot in nine days in New York and Washington - all with the same "modus operandi".

2022-03-12 Ukraine war: Evacuations 'extremely difficult' amid shelling

New attempts are under way to get civilians out of bombed Ukrainian cities as Russia's attack intensifies.

2022-03-11 Covid deaths probably three times higher than records say

Official records say six million have died, but the true figure may be over 18 million, say researchers.

2022-03-11 Ukraine conflict: Growing numbers of firms pull back from Russia

Reputational risk and practical difficulties are making it harder to do business in the country.

2022-03-10 War in Ukraine: IMF approves $1.4bn emergency funding

The country is expected to see a deep recession this year due to the impact of the Russian invasion.

2022-03-09 Novak Djokovic pulls out of Indian Wells and Miami Open over US coronavirus rules

Novak Djokovic withdraws from Indian Wells and the Miami Open - the first two Masters Series events of the year - because of US coronavirus rules.

2022-03-09 Covid: Austria suspends compulsory vaccination mandate

The country was days away from enforcing compulsory vaccinations for almost all over-18s with fines.

2022-03-08 Russia-Ukraine war: US doctors teach civilians how to treat wounds

Nelya Melnitchouk is a US doctor who's helping train civilians in her homeland to treat war wounds.

2022-03-08 'World-first' heart-thymus transplant success for Easton

Doctors hope the pioneering procedure, believed to be a world first, marks a new chapter for transplant surgery.

2022-03-08 Gretchen Whitmer: Trial due to begin in US governor kidnapping plot

The four are accused of trying to kidnap Democrat Gretchen Whitmer due to her Covid rules.

2022-03-08 War in Ukraine: Crisis is unleashing 'hell on earth' for food prices

The Ukraine war could push millions closer to starvation, the boss of the World Food Programme says.

2022-03-07 Can tech help revive India's 'crumbling' health system?

Indian doctors hope big investment and smart tech will improve a fragmented healthcare sector.

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