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2022-03-07 Ukraine: India doctor stranded with a jaguar and panther

Girikumar Patil, who also has a jaguar, says he will not leave Severodonetsk without his pets.

2022-03-06 Ukraine: With placards and tears, Poles are greeting refugees like family

A Polish couple, messaged from Taiwan, have come to meet a Ukrainian refugee - welcome to Przemysl.

2022-03-06 Shell defends 'difficult' decision to buy Russian crude oil

The oil giant confirmed it made a purchase of Russian crude oil on Friday but said it had "no alternative".

2022-03-06 Why Indian fathers are embracing paternity leave

The pandemic and changing family structures have highlighted how young parents are struggling with childcare.

2022-03-06 Ukraine crisis: The free world fights back against Putin

Several US presidents have failed to get the measure of him but now Europe has joined the fray things may change.

2022-03-04 Ukraine crisis: Kharkiv residents still sheltering underground a week on

The BBC's Sarah Rainsford reports from a metro station where people have been sheltering from attacks.

2022-03-04 US Eurovision: Michael Bolton, Sisqó and Macy Gray to compete

The stars will represent Connecticut and Maryland in the American version of the song contest.

2022-03-03 Sackler family to pay $6bn for role in US opioid crisis

Purdue Pharma, owned by the family, admitted marketing a painkiller it knew was highly addictive.

2022-03-03 Taiwan: Massive power outage affects five million households

The blackout reportedly happened after an accident at a power plant in southern Taiwan.

2022-03-02 Ukraine crisis: What sanctions could West still impose on Russia?

The measures are tougher than anything Vladimir Putin has faced. But more could be coming.

2022-03-02 Western Australia: Isolated state reopens two years into the pandemic

Australia's last closed-border state finally allows back travellers two years into the pandemic.

2022-03-02 Plastic pollution: Green light for 'historic' treaty

Nearly 200 countries agree to start negotiations on a global treaty to tackle the plastic "crisis".

2022-03-02 Ukraine crisis: Walkout at UN as Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov speaks

Watch the moment diplomats in Geneva turned their backs on Sergey Lavrov as he spoke via video link.

2022-03-02 Ukraine crisis: West was ready for Russian invasion, says Biden

Vladimir Putin thought Nato wouldn't respond but he was wrong, Biden will tell Congress in his annual speech.

2022-03-01 Ukraine: Polish communities help people fleeing war

Communities across Poland, and particularly along the border, are rallying to help people who have fled Ukraine.

2022-02-28 Ukraine crisis: The comic travelling 5,000 miles to fight

Anthony Walker left his family in Toronto to head to the Ukraine frontline. He knows he may not return.

2022-02-28 Ukraine crisis: Fifa and Uefa ban all Russian clubs and national teams

Football's world governing body Fifa and Europe's governing body Uefa have suspended Russian clubs and national teams from all competitions.

2022-02-28 Canada relaxes entry requirements for vaccinated travellers

Testing requirements have been relaxed for tourists and residents as Covid-19 cases fall.

2022-02-26 Ukraine crisis: President Zelensky - We will defend our state

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky posts a video of himself walking around the streets of Kyiv on Twitter.

2022-02-26 Ukraine Crisis: Fleeing under the cover of darkness

The BBC's Fergal Keane watches a "constant procession" of cars and people.

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