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This page summarizes changes and updates made to the site. Where an idea came in from the public, if you give us your contact info like a social url then we will link to it from this page. Right now we are looking for urls for public health agencies outside the U.S. (we really don't want to be the proverbial ugly Americans).


  • June 25 - UI improvements and sorting by Active Cases
  • April 9 - Major updates to the home page to add US graphs & statistics
  • April 8 - U.S. Only Added county populations and % cases relative to county poplulations
  • April 7 - Added days of the week to data tables so you can see if a drop in cases might be due to less testing on the weekend
  • April 6 - Improved usability on mobile - thanks to my friend Richard Eaglespoon for pointing out the issues
  • April 5 - Started a git with our data tables
  • April 5 - Fixed an issue where New York City zip codes took you to borough pages with no data. Hopkins reports New York City as one region so now your zip code will take you to the data we have.
  • April 5 - Fixed Guam zip codes. Thanks to NHO for reporting the bug.
  • April 1 - You can now search on country names and state names as well as zip codes
  • March 30 - We were featured on the Running in Production podcast
  • March 29 - Cleaned up problems with duplicate records and reloaded data to have more accurate numbers
  • March 29 - Added graphs of New Cases Per Day; Remembered to back update this page (oops)! Addition of privacy policy, terms of service
  • March 28 - Added graphs of Total Cases, Total Deaths, Total Recoveries, Removed some crufty pages
  • March 27 - Country and State level views
  • March 26 - Rolled out a data capture workflow for hospital capacity metrics and teleworkers
  • March 23 - County level stats returned!
  • March 21 - We rolled out capture of hospital capacity metrics and hospital user experiences
  • March 20 - We rolled out Symptom Collection
  • March 19 - Site redesign with better layout and search feature
  • March 18 - More fixes to zip code search; thank you to who ever used the site from 02408; apologizes again.
  • March 18 - Fixed zip search problem with leading zeros (and, yes, I should have known this; my bad)
  • March 17 - Up to 600 commits on the project!
  • March 17 - We reimplemented zip code search and brought it back.
  • March 16 - We made a number of UI / UX improvements including temporarily killing the zip code search (wasn't precise enough) and improving the presentation of state data in a county context. Thank you Dave Sifry for the feedback.
  • March 15 - U.S. Only - We added population to our states table and we are now calculating a cases % relative to the state's population
  • March 15 - U.S. Only - links to public health agencies appear at the top of the state pages as red buttons.
  • March 14 - U.S. Only - Thanks to my friend AS we now have a Zip code search feature. Thank you for the idea.
  • March 14 - Social metadata added to site for making links in Facebook, Twitter and Messages better. Thank you [Nick Janetakis](https://nickjanetakis.com/) for teaching me this technique.
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