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2024-05-21 Trump won't testify as defence and prosecution rest cases

Justice Juan Merchan dismissed the jury until next week and oversaw preparing instructions ahead of their deliberations.

2024-03-29 Trump pushes legal challenges in two cases

Mr Trump's legal team want a district attorney removed in one case and a gag order limited in another.

2024-03-08 Colorado DNA scandal threatens hundreds of cases

A retired forensic examiner is accused of manipulating at least 652 cases over her 29-year career.

2023-10-25 Gaza's hospitals treating emergency cases only as fuel runs low

Hospitals warn that life-saving equipment will soon stop working without fuel for their generators.

2023-09-12 Switzerland: Hundreds of sex abuse cases 'tip of the iceberg', say researchers

A report commissioned by Catholic Church uncovers nearly 1,000 cases dating back to the 1950s.

2023-08-29 Should we worry about recent spike in Covid cases?

Anthony Fauci tells the BBC's Katty Kay that 96% of the US population has degree of immunity.

2023-08-15 Trump indictments: A very simple guide to his four big legal cases

His courtroom problems are mounting as he campaigns to become president again in the 2024 election.

2023-06-27 US health alert over malaria cases in Florida and Texas

Two states are seeing locally acquired cases- the first spread inside the US in 20 years.

2023-05-23 Bird flu: Brazil declares animal health emergency after several cases found

The country is the world's largest exporter of chicken meat, and wants to stop the virus spreading.

2023-04-10 XBB.1.16: India hospitals on alert as Covid-19 cases rise

Experts have urged caution, but asked people not to panic as the new subvariant is not deadly.

2023-02-10 Sergei Furgal: Former Russian regional governor jailed in murder cases

Sergei Furgal - who beat the Kremlin's preferred candidate in his region - is sentenced to 22 years.

2023-01-10 How the Biden-Trump classified documents cases are different

There are some key differences between the two cases, which centre on their handling of secret files.

2022-12-20 FBI warns of explosion in sextortion cases targeting teenagers

There has been a rise in cases of teenage boys being tricked into sending explicit pictures online.

2022-11-24 China Covid: Record number of cases as virus surges nationwide

Residents in thousands of Beijing tower blocks are ordered to remain indoors as workplaces shut down.

2022-11-21 China reports first Covid deaths in six months amid strict zero-cases policy

Three deaths have been reported in Beijing where cases have been rising despite China's strict zero-Covid policy.

2022-11-17 Haiti cholera outbreak worsens as cases rise

There are now more than 700 confirmed cases and health officials are investigating another 7,000.

2022-11-12 Cruise ship with 800 Covid cases docks in Sydney

The mass outbreak started to be detected on the Majestic Princess halfway through its 12-day voyage.

2022-11-11 China Covid: Beijing eases some curbs despite rising cases

Mandatory quarantine is slightly reduced as public resentment bubbles away over the strict rules.

2022-11-05 US hospital flu cases hit 10-year high as vaccinations fall

Five million fewer influenza doses have been administered this year to US adults than this time last year.

2022-10-18 Florida flesh-eating illness cases spike after Hurricane Ian

Florida has recorded a record number of cases of the lethal bacteria that lurks in salty floodwaters.

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