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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

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2022-11-24 China Covid: Record number of cases as virus surges nationwide

Residents in thousands of Beijing tower blocks are ordered to remain indoors as workplaces shut down.

2022-11-21 China reports first Covid deaths in six months amid strict zero-cases policy

Three deaths have been reported in Beijing where cases have been rising despite China's strict zero-Covid policy.

2022-11-17 Haiti cholera outbreak worsens as cases rise

There are now more than 700 confirmed cases and health officials are investigating another 7,000.

2022-11-12 Cruise ship with 800 Covid cases docks in Sydney

The mass outbreak started to be detected on the Majestic Princess halfway through its 12-day voyage.

2022-11-11 China Covid: Beijing eases some curbs despite rising cases

Mandatory quarantine is slightly reduced as public resentment bubbles away over the strict rules.

2022-11-05 US hospital flu cases hit 10-year high as vaccinations fall

Five million fewer influenza doses have been administered this year to US adults than this time last year.

2022-10-18 Florida flesh-eating illness cases spike after Hurricane Ian

Florida has recorded a record number of cases of the lethal bacteria that lurks in salty floodwaters.

2022-10-04 Key cases to watch as US Supreme Court returns

Months after upending abortion rights, the Supreme Court returns for another term of high-profile cases.

2022-09-14 Pakistan floods: Dengue cases soaring after record monsoon

Health officials warn of a looming crisis as deaths from dengue and other diseases rise by the day.

2022-08-18 Bodies found in New Zealand auction suitcases were of two young children

The victims, thought to be aged up to 10, were found in suitcases bought at auction last week.

2022-08-14 Marshall Islands: Covid-19 cases surge

Cases in the Marshall Islands have surged not long after the first community spread was confirmed.

2022-08-09 US doctor issues warning of many undiagnosed polio cases

The New York State medic says there could be hundreds, or even thousands, of infected people there.

2022-07-27 Covid in China: Million in lockdown in Wuhan after four cases

The city where Covid began is under partial lockdown for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

2022-07-26 Monkeypox: CDC says US leads globally in most known cases

The rise in cases comes amid expanded testing in addition to the growing outbreak of the virus.

2022-07-22 Monkeypox: US confirms first two cases in children

Children are at an elevated risk for severe monkeypox disease, but both children were "doing well".

2022-07-17 Ghana confirms first cases of deadly Marburg virus

Two patients in the West African nation have died recently of the Ebola-like virus, officials say.

2022-06-12 Covid: Dozens of Covid cases linked to Beijing bar

Mass testing is taking place after more than 160 cases are linked to a bar in the capital.

2022-06-05 Monkeypox: Cases outside Africa rise to 780 in three weeks

WHO figures show confirmed cases tripled in a week, which is likely to be an underestimate.

2022-05-24 Monkeypox: Cases detected in three more countries for first time

The outbreaks in Europe and America are not normal but remain containable, health officials say.

2022-05-22 Monkeypox: Israel and Switzerland confirm cases

It means the viral outbreak has spread to 14 countries with more than 80 cases detected so far.

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