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2021-07-31 Afghanistan: Fighting rages as Taliban besiege three key cities

Fears rise of a humanitarian crisis as Islamist militants seek to capture major Afghan urban areas.

2021-07-31 Australia Covid: Brisbane lockdown after Delta variant cases

Millions of Australians in parts of Queensland enter a snap lockdown from Saturday afternoon.

2021-07-30 India reptile park struggles to survive amid Covid

The future is uncertain for the thousands of snakes, lizards and crocodiles at the Guindy Snake Park.

2021-07-30 Nigeria's kidnap crisis: 'I saw my two-year-old carried by a man with a gun'

Parents of schoolchildren abducted in Nigeria describe their trauma, and dilemma over the ransom demands.

2021-07-30 From Afghan interpreter to US homeless - until reaching the American dream

Thousands of Afghan interpreters have waited years to flee to the US. Arriving is a different story.

2021-07-30 Australia to return 14 artworks of disputed provenance to India

The National Gallery says their repatriation will "close a very difficult chapter of our history".

2021-07-30 Covid-19 pandemic: Japan widens emergency over 'frightening' spike

The Olympics host is facing record Covid case numbers, fuelled by the virulent Delta strain.

2021-07-30 Nanjing: New China virus outbreak worst after Wuhan, says state media

Almost 200 people have been infected since the virus was first detected at Nanjing airport on 20 July.

2021-07-30 Covid in Sydney: Military deployed to help enforce lockdown

Authorities say the deployment is needed, but critics argue it will "pick on" marginalised groups.

2021-07-30 Are America's unvaccinated changing their minds?

Covid cases are surging across the US, fuelled by the Delta variant - and unvaccinated Americans.

2021-07-29 Coronavirus: Israel to give third jab to people aged over 60

It will be the first country to offer such a Covid booster amid a recent surge in infections.

2021-07-29 Olympics: The hidden sight of Tokyo's homeless

For many among Tokyo's homeless community the Olympics are far from a cause for celebration.

2021-07-29 Covid and a coup: The double crisis pushing Myanmar to the brink

A surge in virus cases has dealt a fresh blow to a country already dealing with military coup.

2021-07-29 Covid-19: Biden tells states to offer $100 vaccine incentive as cases rise

The US president also announced that all federal workers must be vaccinated or subjected to testing.

2021-07-29 Deal agreed for patients and children of fertility doctor who used own sperm

Former fertility doctor Norman Barwin used his own or unknown sperm to impregnate patients.

2021-07-29 US economic growth 'disappoints' as Covid surges

The world's largest economy grew by 6.5% in the second quarter but fell short of forecasts.

2021-07-29 Ethiopia's Tigray crisis: Fighting escalates despite ceasefire

Forces in Amhara are battling rebels on three fronts along the border with Tigray, officials say.

2021-07-29 Netflix US cast and crew must be vaccinated to work

The online streaming firm is the latest company to make Covid jabs mandatory for workers.

2021-07-29 Australian athletics team isolating in Tokyo

Multiple members of the Australian athletics team are isolating after coming into close contact with American pole vaulter Sam Kendricks, who has tested positive for Covid-19.

2021-07-28 Covid vaccines: Tourists head to the US to get vaccinated

Some tourists are spending thousands of dollars to travel to the US to get a coronavirus vaccine.

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