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2023-02-06 South Africa's power cuts hit vineyards: No power, no pinot

The country's worst-ever energy crisis lead to fears for South Africa's wine industry.

2023-02-06 Palestinian gunmen killed in Israeli raid in Jericho

Five Hamas militants were killed, as a particularly bloody period between the two sides continues.

2023-02-05 Turkey elections: Biggest test for Erdogan amid cost of living crisis

Rampant inflation is a key issue for voters as Turkey’s President Erdogan faces elections in May.

2023-02-04 Venezuela's slow economic recovery leaves poorest behind

A crisis-hit economy shows signs of life – but in the capital, some are still barely scraping by.

2023-02-02 Low immunity, overwhelmed hospitals fuel Covid-19 deaths in ageing Japan

Deaths in the country, which for long had one of the lowest Covid death rates, peaked earlier this month.

2023-02-01 US seeks deal on Philippines bases to complete arc around China

The US wants to expand access to military bases in the Philippines facing the South China Sea and Taiwan.

2023-02-01 Myanmar coup anniversary: 'Silent strike' marks two years of military rule

Protesters urge the public to stay at home as the military is hit by new Western sanctions.

2023-01-31 Dangerous ice storm sweeps parts of southern US

More than 1,450 flights have already been cancelled, with airports in Texas particularly affected.

2023-01-31 Can PM Modi's budget deliver for India's poor?

Experts say vulnerable sections of Indian society need more support as the economy recovers post Covid.

2023-01-30 Covid in China: Officials say current wave is 'coming to an end'

Authorities say the death toll has peaked, and there's been no case spike during Lunar New Year.

2023-01-30 Nigeria cost-of-living crisis sparks exodus of doctors

A cost-of-living crisis in Nigeria is forcing thousands of young professionals to flee abroad.

2023-01-28 Black Americans struggle with 'triggering' Tyre Nichols video

Experts say video of the violent arrest may be particularly difficult for people of colour to watch.

2023-01-27 US to make it easier for gay men to donate blood

The FDA will soon remove a three month abstinence policy for donations for men who have sex with men.

2023-01-27 Who is Jeff Zients, Biden's new chief of staff?

The former Covid czar returns to one of the most powerful jobs in the US government.

2023-01-26 Vehicle thefts and carjackings spike in major US cities - report

Motor thefts had been falling for years, but rose sharply at the onset of the pandemic.

2023-01-25 737 Max crashes: Boeing in court on fraud charge

Relatives of those who died when two Boeing 737 Max aircraft crashed are trying to reopen a prosecution.

2023-01-25 China Covid: Coffins sell out as rural losses mount

The BBC finds evidence of a mounting death toll from the virus that's ripped through villages.

2023-01-23 Spotify cuts jobs in latest round of tech layoffs

The music-streaming company says it is shedding 6% of its workforce.

2023-01-23 Jeff Zients to be Biden's new White House chief of staff - reports

The man who led Joe Biden's Covid task force is set to become his next chief of staff, US media says.

2023-01-23 Covid: Thailand tourism up but still below pre-pandemic level

The holiday destination is set to start charging overseas visitors $9.20 each from the start of June.

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