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2022-01-28 Ethiopia civil war: Doctors among those begging for food in Tigray

As the UN sounds the alarm over hunger in northern Ethiopia, a doctor describes what health workers face.

2022-01-28 Fujimono shooting: Japanese doctor killed in rare gun violence

Police arrest a 66-year-old man they say attacked a group of medical workers invited to his home.

2022-01-25 How Covid disinformation has fuelled attacks on Czech doctors

Knowing how to deal with aggressive patients has become even more important during the pandemic.

2022-01-14 Canadian doctor delivers 'Miracle' baby on flight

A plane erupts in applause as a Canadian doctor delivers a baby on a flight to Uganda.

2022-01-11 China: Doctor charged for treating fever patient

The medic in Henan could face a prison term because there wasn't a fever clinic at their hospital.

2022-01-07 Myanmar coup: The doctors and nurses defying the military

Many healthcare workers have refused to work in state hospitals and are now operating underground.

2021-12-28 ‘The doctors came and I had to tell my father he was dying’

Is it always appropriate for relatives to interpret for deaf loved ones?

2021-12-01 Austria: Doctor fined for amputating wrong leg of patient

The patient's right leg was removed instead of his left, with the mistake discovered two days later.

2021-12-01 Lara Logan: Fox News host condemned over Fauci Nazi doctor comments

Lara Logan compared Dr Anthony Fauci to Joseph Mengele - the Auschwitz doctor known as the "Angel of Death".

2021-11-28 Omicron symptoms mild so far, says South African doctor who spotted it

The South African doctor who first spotted the new variant says patients are showing very mild symptoms so far.

2021-11-18 The doctor fleeing Tennessee over Covid

The former head of the US state's vaccine rollout has been forced out after threats and taunts.

2021-10-18 Covid: Australia's Flying Doctors take vaccines to vast remote areas

The famed service is helping solve the immense challenge of vaccinating remote Australia.

2021-10-17 Doctor Who: Flux – Official Trailer [video]
2021-10-16 Teen Girls Are Developing Tics. Doctors Say TikTok Could Be a Factor
2021-10-15 Women earned the majority of doctoral degrees in 2020 for the 12th straight year
2021-10-09 Doctors Caucus Letter Urging CDC to Acknowledge Covid-19 Natural Immunity
2021-10-08 Doctors Are Injecting Bleach to Treat Covid in Bolivia
2021-09-29 Publishers unite to tackle doctored images in research papers
2021-09-28 Half of American kids have lead in their blood, doctors say
2021-09-28 NHS Doctors Who Volunteered in Novavax Trial Unable to Travel or Get Boosters
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