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2024-07-14 ‘I did CPR’ - doctor says he helped man shot at Trump rally

An emergency department physician who was at the rally has told CBS News he tried to help a man who appeared to have been shot in the head.

2024-07-02 Doctors dismissed these women as hysterical. Now they're fighting back

Two thirds of Australian women say they have encountered gender bias or discrimination in healthcare.

2024-07-01 The contentious exam deciding the fate of India’s doctors

The NEET exam has triggered nationwide protests, with students saying it has jeopardised their future.

2024-06-03 'You're mister, not doctor': Fauci grilled by Taylor Greene

Marjorie Taylor Greene challenged the US' former top doctor, who also got emotional during his testimony.

2024-05-14 Top doctor cancer-free a year after world-first therapy

Richard Scolyer has undergone a new treatment for glioblastoma, based on his own melanoma research.

2024-05-04 India chief minister arrested over doctored video

The Congress Party official denies doctoring a video featuring India's interior minister.

2024-05-03 Palestinian doctor dies in Israeli prison

Israeli authorities said they were investigating the death of orthopaedic surgeon Dr Adnan Al-Bursh.

2024-04-28 US doctor describes witnessing starvation in northern Gaza

Dr Sam Attar from Chicago recently returned from Gaza, where the UN is warning of looming famine.

2024-04-15 Protest and pain - Kenya's month-long doctors' strike

Patients have been left without access to crucial services at state hospitals for a month.

2024-04-12 Doctor's video diary shows reality inside Gaza hospital

British surgeon Dr Victoria Rose says a "huge amount" of her work is on children under 16.

2024-04-12 'Huge amount' of Gaza surgery on children - UK doctor

Doctors who volunteered at a hospital near Khan Younis also said people were clearly malnourished.

2024-03-18 'We are trapped' says Gazan doctor, as Israel raids al-Shifa hospital

Israel says it launched the overnight raid because Hamas was using the hospital in Gaza City as a base.

2024-02-29 S Korea doctors face arrest if they don't end strike

Junior doctors have gone on strike over the past week, causing disruption and delays to surgeries.

2024-02-28 Biden 'fit for duty' after medical, says doctor

The US president says "everything's great" after undergoing his annual physical examination.

2024-02-27 South Korean woman dies as doctor strike continues

The woman in her 80s was turned away from seven different hospitals amid an ongoing strike.

2024-02-20 South Korean doctors strike over recruitment plans

Thousands of interns and residents have resigned over a proposal to increase the number of doctors.

2024-02-02 Richard Scolyer: Melanoma doctor's high-stakes gamble to cure his brain cancer

Richard Scolyer hopes the life-saving melanoma research he pioneered could treat his brain tumour.

2023-12-22 China: Outrage over doctor punching patient during surgery

Authorities are probing an incident where a surgeon allegedly punched the patient he was operating on.

2023-12-20 French court jails former Rwanda doctor for 24 years for role in 1994 genocide

Sosthene Munyemana is jailed for 24 years by a French court for his involvement in the 1994 genocide.

2023-12-11 Gao Yaojie: Dissident doctor who exposed China's Aids epidemic, dies at 95

Dr Gao Yaojie exposed how the sale of tainted blood led to the spread of HIV in rural areas.

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