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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2021-05-12 L.A. County expected to hit Covid-19 herd immunity by end of July
2021-05-12 Lasting immunity found after recovery from Covid-19
2021-05-11 As India halts vaccine exports, Nepal faces its own Covid crisis

The landlocked country, which relies on India for medical supplies, is seeing a dramatic rise in cases.

2021-05-11 What are Eid and Ramadan and when are they?

Ramadan is one of the most important events in the Islamic calendar, but it's been affected by lockdown.

2021-05-11 How Italy's healthcare staff survived the pandemic

Nurses in Italy have been instrumental in helping to fight Covid-19 - but it's taken a heavy toll.

2021-05-11 India coronavirus: 'My city is under siege from Covid'

The BBC's Vikas Pandey has called Delhi home for more than a decade - but Covid has changed everything.

2021-05-11 Policymakers Used to Ignore Child Care. Then Came the Pandemic
2021-05-11 Apple Gave Zoom Access to Special API for Camera During Split View Multitasking
2021-05-11 What Salesforce has learned as it reopens offices
2021-05-11 A Misleading CDC Number
2021-05-11 FDA authorizes new T-cell test, could be game changer for Covid-19 long haulers
2021-05-11 India Covid: Dozens more bodies wash up on Ganges river bank

A further 50 corpses are found on embankments, this time in Uttar Pradesh, as India battles Covid.

2021-05-11 A game that almost died during Covid and how I made it an app
2021-05-11 WHO says India Covid variant of 'global concern'

The WHO says the B.1.617 mutation spreads more easily than other variants and requires further study.

2021-05-11 Jerusalem crisis: Pleas for calm as violence escalates

The EU, the US and the EU call for the violence to stop after Israel and the Palestinians exchange fire.

2021-05-11 Nearly 40% of those who've died from Covid-19 had diabetes, ADA says
2021-05-11 Pfizer Covid vaccine protects against worrying coronavirus variants
2021-05-11 A “Perfect Coronal Mass Ejection” Could Be a Nightmare
2021-05-10 Covid: DR Congo in race against time to vaccinate people

In one of Africa's largest countries, people worry more about security and other diseases than Covid-19.

2021-05-10 How to get Bangladeshi men talking about mental health

Bangladeshi men in the UK are being encouraged to talk about the effects the pandemic has had on them.

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