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2023-03-25 Have we found the 'animal origin' of Covid?

Genetic data released by China three years after it was gathered has provided 'the best evidence' of how the pandemic started, scientists say.

2023-03-24 Europe migrant crisis: Dozens missing off Tunisian coast

The boat, which was trying to reach Italy, is the fifth to capsize in two days in the Mediterranean.

2023-03-24 US House Intel Chairman on the origins of Covid-19

Mike Turner on why he supports declassifying US intelligence regarding the origins of Covid.

2023-03-23 Masked man with loaded gun stopped from entering Florida strip club

Security guards fight off the man in Tampa, Florida, possibly preventing a mass shooting, police say.

2023-03-23 Evergrande: Crisis-hit Chinese property giant offers debt restructuring plan

It will only account for less than 10% of China's former top-selling developer's $300bn debt.

2023-03-22 Man 'deteriorated abruptly' after Gwyneth Paltrow ski crash, court hears

Doctors testified that Terry Sanderson was a "high-energy" man who suffered after the 2016 accident.

2023-03-22 Ebola-like Marburg virus kills five people in Tanzania

The health minister is confident the Ebola-like virus will not spread beyond the affected area.

2023-03-21 Fungal infections spreading in US at 'alarming' rate, says CDC

It causes severe illness in those with weakened immune systems, the CDC says.

2023-03-20 Sri Lanka: $2.9bn IMF bailout for struggling economy

The deal is a lifeline for the country which is facing its worst economic crisis in over 70 years.

2023-03-19 Credit Suisse: Bank rescue damages Switzerland's reputation for stability

Beset by scandals and crisis, many people are questioning how a totemic bank ended up beyond repair.

2023-03-18 French pension reforms: Is Macron's government doomed by crisis?

No-confidence motions face the Macron government as it tries to force its unpopular changes into law.

2023-03-17 Can Vladimir Putin actually be arrested?

BBC correspondents Anna Holligan and Steve Rosenberg on the difficulties of detaining a president.

2023-03-17 Taiwan charges ex-MP and former admiral with spying for China

The pair are accused of organising free trips to mainland China for 48 retired military officers.

2023-03-17 Shares rise as Wall Street swoops to rescue First Republic

Stock markets gain as US banks pump money into First Republic, easing fears of an industry crisis.

2023-03-17 Settlement after US student athlete Grant Brace died begging for water

University wrestler Grant Brace was ridiculed shortly before he died from heat stroke, lawyers say.

2023-03-16 Big US banks inject funds into First Republic

The group says the move reflects confidence in the system after bank failures raise fears of a financial crisis.

2023-03-16 Why are there so many plane near-misses right now?

After seven close calls this year, aviation leaders say the sector is grappling with post-pandemic strain.

2023-03-16 Cocaine production reaches record levels as new trafficking hubs emerge

After Covid lockdowns hit both demand and supply, production is at record levels, the UN says.

2023-03-15 Texas judge considers revoking FDA approval of abortion pill in US

The drug, mifepristone, can be taken at home and is used in more than half of US abortions.

2023-03-15 Taiwan ally Honduras seeks diplomatic switch to China

The island will have formal diplomatic ties with only 13 countries if Honduras switches.

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