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2024-02-25 Eiffel Tower set to reopen after six-day strike

Workers first walked out on Monday in a dispute over the way the tower was managed.

2024-01-10 Swedish £6,000 dine and dash investigation reopened

A group of 35 people allegedly left a Malmö restaurant without paying on Christmas Day.

2024-01-06 Palace of Aigai: Greece reopens huge Alexander the Great monument

Greece spent 16 years restoring palace ruins where Alexander the Great was crowned more than 2,000 years ago.

2023-12-28 Russia reopens embassy in Burkina Faso

The move is the latest sign that the former French colony is pivoting towards Russia.

2023-12-17 Notre-Dame Cathedral spire gets new rooster weathervane ahead of 2024 reopening

The rooster - a French national symbol - replaces one damaged in the fire that ravaged the cathedral in 2019.

2023-06-06 Iran hails 'new era' as embassy reopens in Saudi Arabia

The Iranian deputy foreign minister hails "a new era", seven years after the rivals severed ties.

2023-03-14 China reopening borders to foreign tourists for first time since Covid erupted

The move marks a major easing of travel curbs in place since the start of the Covid pandemic.

2023-03-07 Afghanistan: Hopes fade as universities reopen without women

Male students return after the winter break, a painful reminder to women of their shrinking world.

2023-02-15 Peru's Machu Picchu reopens as protests shift to capital

The popular Inca site was closed three weeks ago when anti-government protesters cut off access routes.

2023-01-14 California youths help storm clean-up as schools reopen

The clean-up effort is ongoing, even as more storms force closures and disrupt life for millions.

2023-01-10 House of the Vettii: Pompeii home owned by former slaves reopens

The house, featuring erotic art and bronze statues, was the epitome of wealth in ancient times.

2023-01-08 China reopens borders to tourists after three years of Covid closure

It comes as the world's largest annual migration event, Lunar New Year, begins.

2022-12-27 Covid in China: People rush to book travel as borders finally reopen

But Chinese tourists will not have unfettered access to all countries - as some impose restrictions.

2022-12-12 Ukraine war: Odesa port reopens after energy network hit

The Black Sea port of Odesa has resumed operations after Russian strikes against the city on Saturday.

2022-08-27 Hong Kong's Peak Tram reopens after 14 months

The service welcomes back passengers even as tight coronavirus restrictions remain.

2022-08-15 Russia reopens bond market to non-hostile investors

The Moscow Exchange sealed off its markets in February when the country invaded Ukraine.

2022-08-01 New Zealand fully reopens borders after long pandemic closure

The country shut its borders in March 2020, a move that majorly impacted the tourism industry.

2022-07-28 Notre-Dame Cathedral on track to reopen in 2024

A huge restoration project has been under way after a fire destroyed much of building in 2019.

2022-07-15 Haiti fuel terminal reopens but gang war persists

The terminal shut down because of battles between rival gangs and its closure caused petrol shortages.

2022-07-13 Ukraine grain: Kyiv optimistic on Russia deal to reopen Black Sea

Tough talks are needed to reopen safe cargo routes for the grain that Russia has trapped in Ukraine.

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