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Your Hourly COVID-19 News Feed - Drill Down by Source: All    BBC    Hacker News

Date Title
2021-05-07 The origin of Covid: Did people or nature open Pandora’s box?
2021-05-06 Covid-19 vaccines: Why some African states have leftover doses

African countries struggled to get vaccines, but now several of them have thousands of expired doses.

2021-05-06 Eurovision's noisy fans are back despite Dutch pandemic

It's Europe's most popular cultural event and the Netherlands will host it despite battling a third Covid wave.

2021-05-06 Taiwan: Judo class puts a seven-year-old in a coma

The incident in Taiwan shows a tendency to allow child abuse in the name of discipline, experts say.

2021-05-06 Covid: Putin says Sputnik vaccines 'reliable as Kalashnikovs'

The Russian president compares vaccine technology to the enduringly popular 1940s assault rifle.

2021-05-06 Covid-19: Australians trapped in India 'betrayed' by ban on returning home

Affected citizens say they've been shut out by Australia and won't forget the trauma it's caused.

2021-05-06 Covid-19: Complaints after England booking site reveals vaccine status
2021-05-06 US backs waiving patents on Covid vaccines
2021-05-06 Covid-19: Sputnik vaccine rockets, thanks to Lancet boost
2021-05-06 Covid: Germany rejects US-backed proposal to waive vaccine patents

The EU's biggest economy rejects the US-backed proposal, saying patents are not hindering production.

2021-05-06 Tokyo Olympics: World's oldest person pulls out of torch relay

Kane Tanaka, 118, says she's worried about spreading Covid-19 to others in her nursing home.

2021-05-06 India Covid aid: Is emergency relief reaching those in need?

Emergency relief is flowing into India but concerns are mounting about delays in supply.

2021-05-06 India Covid: Government says 'double mutant' linked to surge

The current surge of the virus has already overwhelmed India's healthcare system.

2021-05-06 US declares support for patent waiver on Covid-19 vaccines
2021-05-06 U.S. Backs Waiver of Intellectual Property Protection for Covid-19 Vaccines
2021-05-06 Broadway tickets to go on sale for September reopening

New York's major theatres have been closed since March 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

2021-05-06 Federal Judge Vacates CDC's Eviction Moratorium
2021-05-05 'We are desperate to go travelling again'

"Digital nomads" aim to get back to mobile working after Covid, with many countries wooing them.

2021-05-05 Covid: US backs waiver on vaccine intellectual property

Supporters say the move would boost vaccine production but the pharmaceutical industry disagrees.

2021-05-05 WHO, Germany launch new global hub for pandemic and epidemic intelligence
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